Aug 1 2007

Speaking of the sales tax holiday this weekend, the new Circuit City in Alcoa is set to open Saturday.

Some merchandise is eligible for the sales tax exemption (specifically computers costing less than $1500), so it's a chance to save a few bucks.

The stores at the new Hamilton Crossing Plaza will help offset Alcoa's estimated $450,000 loss of sales tax revenues to the new Super Wal*Mart out on 411 S.

The liquor stores that should be opening soon will help, too.


This will be interesting.

This will be interesting. CC unlike the vast majority of stores in Blount County won't be looking for tourist dollars. Perhaps this one time we can see money that would have been spent in Knoxville spent here at home instead.

Ah geeze, the kidlet is saying we have spent money at a CC as tourists. Probably so since we have had to replace the XM antenna on more than one occasion and while traveling through more than one other state.

The Circuit City did not

The Circuit City did not open as advertised today. They were still doing work getting it ready. The Grand Opening is set for Thursday, Aug. 9th, according to an employee.

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