Jun 12 2008

How many times do you run over the Blount Today in your driveway before you finally go out, pick it up, and throw it in the trash?

Heh. Just kidding.

But seriously, would it kill them to put it in my custom-built newspaper box? The Knoxville News Sentinel, Maryville Daily Times, and Sunday New York Times don't seem to have a problem finding it.

Blount Today Needs Unsubscribe

Just like unsolicited email, the snail mail and Blount Today need an unsubscribe.

I believe my neighbor called and complained that he did not want Blount Today littering his driveway, but to no avail. He has taken to leaving them to accumulate into an ugly rotting pile to discourage them.

Forrest Erickson

One Penney. Before the United States of America was sent to the back.

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