Jun 17 2008

Joe Gallagher writes:

Democrats: We have an excellent chance to elect Judge Mike Meares to the Blount County Circuit Court. To reach this achievement, we need to continue our effort to promote awareness of Mike Meares, bolster his image as a popular and effective Judge and to advertise August 7 as an election date that matters.

With those goals in mind, I have taken the initiative of ordering 100 T-Shirts with the message, "MIKE IS RIGHT. VOTE AUGUST 7TH."

On the backside, it says, "ELECT JUDGE MEARES. VOTE AUGUST 7TH."

So far, approx 40 Democrats and friends of Mike Meares have purchased a T-Shirt at $10. Any profit which may accrue from the sale of the Mike Meares T-Shirts will be donated to Mike's campaign fund. However, the primary goal is to advertise that "MIKE IS RIGHT" for refusing to accept campaign contributions from attorneys; for striving to keep politics out of the Blount County Courts and for dedicating his position to bring EQUAL JUSTICE TO ALL.

Mike Meares is doing a wonderful job as Circuit Court Judge. He deserves to be elected on August 7 and will be if we manage to get out the vote. I invite you to contact me to purchase a MIKE IS RIGHT T-SHIRT and then to wear it - let your friends and neighbors know that you support Mike Meares.

Call me (Joe) at 865-983-4557 and I will arrange to deliver a T-Shirt to you. Also, there is a supply in a variety of sizes at the Meares' Headquarters on High Street.

Make a fashion statement: support Judge Meares!

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