Thank goodness the Knoxville News Sentinel is on the job, exposing folks in Blount Co. to serious questions about the operation of Blount Co. Courts.

This article today notes several things that someone should be looking in to:

Circuit Court clerk ... Hatcher says cannot - reconcile concurrently with records at the Administrative Office of the Courts in Nashville.

...a public perception that our local judiciary was corrupted, that lawyers are not being truthful, and that judges have manipulated the rules...

...virtually unprecedented...

...sinister operations are under way to subvert Meares' election prospects...

...Meares ... a man who is trying to rise above a tawdry election fight but who is being persecuted by those who do not want their network tinkered with.

Keep after this, KNS. The people need to know more.


Wow, look at some of these

Wow, look at some of these comments about the article over at the Knoxville paper's website:





The Knoxville paper ought to find out who these people are and interview them about these allegations.

I don't think the KNS office

I don't think the KNS office in Knoxville is even paying attention to what Wilson writes. They should. They are doing a disservice to Blount County citizens.

You know to be suspicious of an article...

You know to be suspicious of an article when a.) it is reporting feelings, and not news, and not related to any actual event of immediate interest, and b.) it uses words like "tawdry," "quest," "jaded and entrenched," not to mention "grilled" and "hauled." Those are all words you use when trying to slant or spin something.

I'm going with bizgrrl on this one. KNS must not be reading their own stuff.

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