No criminal charges have been filed in relation to Knoxville News Sentinel reporting on a local election in Blount County. At this time there does not appear to be a formal investigation underway or any plans for criminal prosecution.

It is believed, however, that the statute of limitations would extend beyond the date of the local election. The extent of a probe into the situation, if any, is not known, nor is it known which authorities might have jurisdiction. The newspaper's representatives have not been in contact with us to comment on the matter.


As seen on Knoxviews

As seen on Knoxviews (link...) KNS Transformation

"Local. The opportunity to be uniquely and passionately local. To be so woven into the fabric of a community that there's no way we can't be the information marketmaker of choice," adding that they will "ooze into every crack of the markets we serve."

Slime is Ooze indeed

Surely you're not suggesting

Surely you're not suggesting that this is "oozing slime?"

(Or were you referring to the comments there? Somebody should investigate those people!)

Call it whatever ya want

The fact is the state investigator would not call the newspapers to say he was in town to do an investigation. That means someone who was talked to regarding any investigation had to call the papers to alert them.

That means someone who was

That means someone who was talked to regarding any investigation had to call the papers to alert them.

Someone needs to investigate those people, too!

Clearly, there just aren't enough investigations. Someone should investigate that.

Maybe if the dress were blue-

But there is no dress involved this time so calls to lawyers or employees by reporters is all we have. How is any of that just or fair for the citizens who may have to appear in those court rooms? This is suppose to be about a fair and impartial justice system. Oh wait, I forgot where I lived. The KNS is now the law of the land.......

I would just like to know who placed the call to the press in the first place.

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