Aug 4 2007

The Maryville Farmers' Market is going strong at its new location at the city parking lot downtown on the east end of Broadway. We picked up some tomatoes, green and red peppers, a watermelon, and some honey. Click read more for more photos...

Prius only parking

Better location, good turnout

Rabbits, duck eggs, chicken feet - you name it!

Pretty peppers of every kind

Including the hot ones

Entertainment by the Rocky Branch Community Club

(They were playing Paradise, my favorite John Prine song, when I snapped this. Interesting that they played mostly gospel music, and very well. I, too, consider most John Prine music to be gospel, especially this one.)

Mville Farmers Market

We finally made it to the Farmers Market this past Saturday and loved it. we got there late (11:30) and missed most vendors, but the remaining ones were nice. We're motivated to join and possibly sell next year. And I love Laurel Valley meat.....

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