Jul 9 2008

We got an unusual flyer in the mail today. It came with a hand written address to me (with no return address) from a Knoxville post office.

It says that Judge Duggan, as the Alcoa City Attorney, "devised a scheme" in which the city would reduce sentences in drug and alcohol cases in exchange for cash from the defendants. It quotes a Maryville Daily Times article from 1999 to back the claim.

I have no idea if this is true, and I don't know why I received it. But then again, I've had some pretty strange and disturbing correspondence since starting this blog, including some that referenced my home address, which I have never published, my phone number, which is unlisted, and my driver's license number, which isn't public record.

At any rate, a person I trust who is connected with the Judge Meares campaign told me that his campaign was not responsible for the mailing, and that whoever did it may be hoping that Judge Meares gets blamed for it.

That sounds about right to me. Unless it's someone trying to "help" Judge Meares. In which case they should stop trying to "help" and get back on the high road with Judge Meares. Either way, whoever sent this out ought to own up to it and explain their motivation.

Here's the mailer. Judge for yourself.

UPDATE: From comments, the Maryville Daily Times article from 1999.

dugganflyer.pdf312.54 KB

The DT article

Alcoa halts defendant

Alcoa halts defendant donations; Similar funds in Unicoi under TBI investigation

Duggan said the contributions were beneficial to drug enforcement efforts and a legitimate plea bargaining tactic to keep the court from becoming backlogged with cases.

"We use plea bargains every time we go to court," he said. "Probably in the last four years we've used the drug fund contributions a little heavier than we have in the past, that's because our dockets have grown. Four years ago we would have an average of 10 to 12 cases a day, 20 to 25 on a big day. Now, it's to 50 and 100 defendants. We simply can't try them all. It would be literally impossible."

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