Jul 17 2008

MDT Poll for 07/16/08: Who will you vote for in the Circuit Court judge race?

Meares: 57.1%
Duggan: 42.9%

Number of votes cast: 3135

Conclusion: interest in this race is high, and informed voters prefer Meares.

Meares supporters shouldn't let up, though. If fair-minded Democrats and independents get out to the polls and vote, Meares wins. The key is getting them to the polls.

P.S. Expect heavy turnout among Republican insiders and faithful because of the Finney v. Overbey primary...

Online poll?

I don't trust on-line polls. Anybody can chime in from outside the district.

Actually, this is probably

Actually, this is probably an accurate poll even though most online ones are worthless. The number of campaign signs up for Meares versus Duggan is a good sign too that Meares has more support than his opponent. It has been interesting that in a Judicial election, Duggan has sought to emphasize that he is a "Republican" whereas Meares has talked about being qualified. I suppose though that in Jerry Cunningham's world it is what political party that a Judge is of that determines whether or not he/she will follow the TCA.

The US Constitution, read it, live it, and protect is at all costs. It is what makes us American and let's us live free.

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