Jul 19 2008

Is this some new kind of

Is this some new kind of fundraiser? Or is it a preview of the State Capitol parking lot when Republicans clear out next session?


This is just pitiful. Signs are a part of the democratic process. There is no need to deface or damage them. This is just another way that Finney and his supporters show their true colors. He has about as much integrity as Jesse Jackson. He has resorted to personal attacks in his campaign in an attempt to remain relevant. Maybe Raymond should learn more about Christian values he claims to have.

"GOP85" appears to be

"GOP85" appears to be confused. The sign is in the yard of someone who supposedly supports Overbey, except when they're having a garage sale. I'm sure they will be flying the GOP flag proudly again today. Maybe Doug should get his people in line, and try to attract more observant and intelligent supporters. Stupid attacks like this don't say much for his supporters.

Exactly. Who said this was a

Exactly. Who said this was a Finney supporter? Just happened to be driving down the road and saw the sign. My guess? An Overbey supporter trying to save some money. Inspections are in order by the Overbey campaign to ensure their signs are used appropriately.

Overbey Sign

I think Doug Overbey is the only person in the race who can actually get things done for our county, not just make political statements. As a conservative who looks at this blog, I disagree with much of what Ray Finney has stood for, including voting against new school funding for us and introducing environmental legislation I think will do us little good, hurt jobs, and worsen our energy problem. But that is a whole other debate, as I'm sure we would all disagree on those issues. Doug Overbey is an effective legislator; a true conservative, yes, but someone who can also work with others to promote common sense reforms. He can work across the aisle as well as anyone I have ever seen. I think that is better than someone who can't work with anyone of either party well anymore, and can just make political statements while being unsure if he is a liberal or a conservative anyway.

As for the sign, I live near that neighborhood in Alcoa and I'm sure it was just someone who needed a sign to put up their garage sale poster. And I'm thankful for the support of the person who has it in their yard.

Question on environmental comment

AwwShucks, what did you mean by this? What environmental legislation did Finney intro that would worsen our energy problems?

introducing environmental legislation I think will do us little good, hurt jobs, and worsen our energy problem

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire


I see that glass as half-full

How does the one about vehicle emissions worsen our energy problem? I guess you could argue that the one on strip mining could, but I see that as more than acceptable given the negative effect of strip mining on tourism dollars.

Actually, I like both of those pieces of legislation.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

yard sign

Yeah, But don't get too excited, I saw the same thing in Louisville on a Finney sign.

Don't dog the garage sale!


Clearly this is a case of someone trying to make sure he/she could help potential customers find a bargain. So, if planning a yard sale in the near future why not "collect" a few political signs? You can always flip over the political ad and put them to good use after the election!

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