A short clip of Judge Mike Meares speaking at today's campaign rally. This pretty much sums up what this election is all about:

Some photos after the jump...

A beautiful day and a beautiful location for a picnic. Turnout was great, we guessed 300 or more people, many coming from early voting across the street at the Courthouse.

Judge Meares conversing with a future voter

"Mike is Right" supporters being interviewed by Blount Today's Sherri Gardner Howell

Let there be sunshine

Joe Gallagher

Blount Co. Commissioner David Ballard

Judge Mike Meares

Go Mike, GO!

What a great rally. Hundreds of fired up supporters who are ready to win. Met lots of new folks and saw hundreds of old friends. The only bad thing was that Judge Meares didn't figure out a way to slip in the phrase, "Mike Meares is nobody's monkey." Oh ... that's right ... things like that only get said at those other political events.

If a prize was awarded...

...for the most unique method of supporting Meares, I hope it was to whomever made that umbrella pictured above! What a brilliant idea.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

A couple of observations

Vastly diverse crowd. I ran into a couple I know to be republicans who were walking up to the shelter house from the parking lot. He grinned and ask me if republicans were welcome. I had to laugh because he knows we could not do this without him! This is not a left or right issue, this is all about right and wrong.

Today, I found the makings of a fine future environmental activist in the grandson of a certain "political operative." Thanks Mr. H for taking the time to talk to this young man.

I saw history being made and perhaps the making of saving some of our local history as well.

And let me say Happy One Year Anniversary to BlountViews!
What a crazy 12 months this has been!

Now, VOTE! Get your family and friends to vote! And YES YOU CAN! You can vote in the GOP primary and still vote for Judge Mike Meares on that same ticket!

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