Aug 7 2007

On a clear day...


The air quality is bad, bordering on unhealthy, with no immediate relief in sight. One problem is that TVA can't generate as much hydro-electric power because of the drought, so coal-fired power plants are running overtime.

Now would be a good time to turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees and install a CFL light bulb or two.

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(A new house has been built that partly obstructs the view, but it's pretty much the same vantage point.)

We don't do emission tests

We don't do emission tests on cars here because_________ ?

There are other things we all can do to help on days like this, right?

Like not burning the trash and letting the grass grow a few more days before mowing.

I once heard that...

...shutting down 1 coal fired plant would be the equivalent of parking every car in Tennessee for one year. Can't find the source of that now (seems like it was a Green Power Switch commercial), so feel free to doubt me on that!

We've given up mowing entirely -- due to the drought. Fortunately, we have no neighbors within view. I'm sure what we save in lawn mower emissions we make up for in driving the mile-long gravel road you have to drive on to get to our house. Dust everywhere.

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