Jul 21 2008

Early voting is underway, and election day is a little less than three weeks away. Here are our endorsements.

County General:

Circuit Court Judge, Division II: Judge Mike Meares
School Board, 6th District: Patricia Ann Bell


U.S. House 2nd District: Bob Scott (D)
U.S. Senate: Bob Tuke

Re-evaluate Your Endorsement

I would like to suggest that you re-evaluate your endorsement of Bob Tuke for the US Senate. Although he is the better candidate in the Democratic Primary, as far as political knowledge and practice, he is not in the best position to beat Lamar. The truth is that the best candidate to beat Lamar is Mike Padgett. Not because of his political knowledge, practice, or charisma; but because of geographic location (aka where he is from, and where he has won).

Mike Padgett has been elected and re-elected county wide in Knox. This is a county, and a region that a Democrat must do well in to beat Lamar. Padgett can deliver Knox County to the Democrats; Bob Tuke can’t.

My point is this. In the General Election, Padgett will gain more votes in East Tennessee then will Bob Tuke. Padgett will receive the same votes in Middle and West Tennessee that Tuke would receive. Now ask yourself who is in the best position to sent Lamar back home.

I would CHANGE your endorsement to Mike Padgett.

On a side note:

Don’t forget to vote NO on retaining Justice William C. Koch, Jr. Even though appointed by Governor Bredesen he was the right hand man to Lamar during his Governorship.

Don’t forget to vote NO on

Don’t forget to vote NO on retaining Justice William C. Koch, Jr.

Thanks for that. Haven't gone through all the retentions. I usually go to the judicial selection commission's retention evaluations, although I don't recall ever seeing a recommendation not to retain a judge.

Tuke v. Padgett is a tough one and I have been putting off voting trying to decide.

I really like how Mike Padgett has run his campaign, visiting all 95 counties in Tennessee and talking to regular folks at diners and pot lucks. That's some hard campaigning. I also like that he is popular in the republican stronghold of Knox County and in fact never lost an election (and has actually run for office and been elected), and that might help him a little but Lamar walks on water over here, so I don't know how much of a plus that is.

Tuke has some impressive endorsements (but so does Padgett, Tuke just has more and a couple of higher profile ones) and appears to be out-fundraising Padgett by a large margin. Tuke has experience working on state and national campaigns. Tuke is connected in the state party. So in these respects, I think Tuke might have a slightly better chance of being competitive v. Lamar.

I have policy differences with both of them, but Padgett's frequent assertions that he's a conservative bother me.

But what it finally came down to for me was their resumes. Tuke is a lawyer, and a pretty distinguished lawyer. Padgett's experience is owning and running a small business and holding a county fee office for a couple of decades (in violation of voter approved term limits at the end, if I'm not mistaken).

A county fee office isn't involved in making legislation. The Congress and Senate are about legislating and making laws. A lawyer is better qualified to do that, in my mind. If both were lawyers that would make it harder, the same as if they were both NOT lawyers.

To me, Tuke just seems more experienced in related matters and has better qualifications for the job, is better educated, and overall seems a little more polished. Either one would do a fine job, and either one will have a tough row to hoe v. Lamar.

I wish Padgett would have run against Duncan. Maybe with some experience and wider name recognition he will do that next time.

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