Jul 22 2008

There are unsubstantiated reports that at least one voter with Meares bumper stickers and signs on their vehicle was harassed for parking in a public parking space near an early voting location.

According to another unsubstantiated report, a county employee harassed someone for placing Meares signs at an early voting location outside the 100 foot boundary. We're not clear on the details, but there was something about not allowing campaign signs on county property.

State law clearly states that campaign signs can be placed near polling locations as long as they are outside the 100 foot boundary. State law also says that it is the duty of the county election commission to measure off and clearly mark the 100 foot boundary at all polling locations.

If you have any first-hand reports of voter intimidation or campaign worker harassment, please let us know.


Meares Worker Harrassment

pvtblount I have a Toyota pickup parked on the courthouse parking lot during early voting. The City of Maryville codes enforcement (Dan Irwin) says they have complaints that my sign is illegal because it is too large (32 sq feet) They are going to ticket me if I park it anywhere in the city of Maryville cooperate limits (even on private property) I pointed out the many other vehicles parked with much larger signs on them without results.

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