Jul 23 2008

After sorting through all the reporting and letters and findings, this is my synopsis of events in the Blount Co Circuit Court.

What seems strange to me is that none of the Republicans seem to care that Young falsely charged Meares with being behind on his caseload. Has Hatcher or Young apologized, and I just missed it? In David Black's long letter, I see no concern for whether Meares had been falsely accused.

Random fact that didn't fit: Duggan wrote last August that the Local Rules should be revisited. The bar could have resolved the matter long before election season if they took it up when Meares and Duggan were saying they should, but they dragged it in instead.

Great report, Rikki. This is

Great report, Rikki. This is the clearest explanation I've seen of the whole mess. Glad to see at least one journalist is able to get it right.

If only...

Now if only Metro Pulse had a Blount County version. How refreshing to see the God's-honest-truth printed in a paper without filtering it first through the GOP for editing!

Truly, the most stunning thing for me is Duggan's complete silence on the false accusations that Young made. And it sounds as though Duggan himself may have actually made commentary on the Local Rules last year, yet is letting Meares take all the heat. If all the character references in the Daily Times letters to the editor were true, why would he neglect those things? His silence may win him the race, but lose him his reputation.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

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