Aug 1 2008

The Maryville Daily Times profiles the race between Judge Mike Meares and Judge David Duggan for Circuit Court District II.

I found this part particularly amusing:

Duggan again emphasized his philosophy, when asked about his qualifications.

"I believe in judicial restraint," he said. "I believe that a judge needs to understand, and I do understand, that a courtroom does not provide political balance. Politics should never come into the equation. Once you go through those doors and the witnesses are put under oath, it should not matter ... I understand that."

This doesn't square with Duggan's campaign rhetoric. His yard signs say "Republican Candidate." His website features a page called "Why I'm a Republican," with a photo of Ronald Reagan. Another section touts Duggan's work for the Republican party and how he worked on Reagan's first (losing) presidential campaign. Another section includes a long essay about how Duggan came to be a Republican and how he embraces the conservative movement.

This is so typical of modern conservatives. Just like the Bush Administration's "Clear Skies" and "Clean Water" and "Healthy Forests," they tell you down is up and black is white and pretty soon voters are so confused they don't know what to believe or worse start believing the spin.

In sharp contrast, there is no mention at all of Judge Mike Meares' political affiliations on his campaign signs, in his literature, or on his website.

Furthermore, if Judge Mike Meares tells you something, you can believe it. You don't have to read between the lines or look behind the curtain and you don't have to check with the party bosses or local political establishment to figure out what he's really saying or whether it's true. It just is. And he doesn't hide behind surrogates sent out to attack his opponent. He is open, accessible, and stands up in public to say what he thinks is best for the future of Blount County.

Whatever happens in this election, the citizens of Blount County owe Judge Meares a debt of gratitude for doing his job (working unfortunately in a hostile environment), draining the swamp, and straightening out some problems with the operation of the local courts -- all for the benefit of Blount County citizens instead of the political party bosses who have a pathological need to maintain heavy-handed control over every aspect of Blount County government, including the courts.

So true.


Never again will I look at Duggan the same. Prior to this election, I always thought of him as an articulate professional rather than a puppet of the BC Republican party. Now, I know different. By now he must be realizing he should never have let those fools talk him into this race.

Oh, and would the tax & spend Republicans of Blount county kindly allow Ronald Reagan to rest in peace?! Good grief! As if voters can't see through that ruse.

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