Aug 3 2008

Maryville Daily Times, quoting Doug Overbey:

"...I have been called names in this campaign that I never imagined would occur in a Republican primary. That's unfortunate. The public deserves better. What the public wants is candidates and office-holders to engage in a discussion of the issues -- not name calling."

What happened, did someone call him a "monkey?"

Overbey has criticized Finney for voting to change the state's BEP education funding formula, sending "$13 million to Memphis."

One ad about eduction funding reportedly featured African-American elected officials in Memphis. So what's the message there, Mr. Overbey?

He also forgot to mention that our next-door neighbors in Knox Co. got extra funding under the new formula, too, thanks to the efforts of the Republican Knox Co. Mayor. So why pick on Memphis?

UPDATE: Finney lowers the bar even further, suggesting in a giant, full page ad in today's Maryville Daily Times that "Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels" would approve of Overbey's campaign tactics. Godwin's law at work.

I have a lot of trouble feeling sorry for him

I have a lot of trouble feeling sorry for him, since I have one of his many anti-Finney mailings on my desk with a photo of Pinnochio on it. It actually says "It's sad that Ray Finney is so desperate to win."

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

Mexican bashing

I got a pro-Finney mailer with a picture of a Mexicans pushing up a Mexican flag. No idea what the picture is from. But it's pure immigrant-baiting.

Also, I notice that Raymond Finney's mailers have giant pictures of Ronald Reagan on them. Is Reagan's corpse running for Senate?

Horrible race--HORRIBLE


Let's just say it: The campaign ads from both Finney and Overbey are trash. That's where I've put them--in the garbage. I don't feel confident voting for either one. Maybe I'll write-in a candidate as my protest of the two of them. Any worthy suggestions?

Write in...

Write in RNeal!

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

there is another guy in that same race!

Has Jim Bishop sent you all crazy stuff as well?


Both candidates have earned a "no" vote with their distortions and fabrications about each other as well as their virtually meaningless differences. I consider them to be Tweedledummy and Tweedledoofus. If the array of Republican voters in Blount County are ill-informed enough to fall for what either of these guys is saying in their campaigns, we've got a sorry electorate.

I will vote for neither Finney nor Overbey. A write-in is a protest vote, I know. Nevertheless, I'm going to write-in well-known and highly-respected Maryville native, attorney and minister, Oliver "Buzz" Thomas, in both the primary and the general election. He's much more qualified than either one of these guys and would be geometrically better as a public servant than either one. Maybe some year, Buzz actually will run for office again. (He's a former member and President of the Maryville City School Board.) He'd be a terrific candidate for any number of important offices!

Ohhh, yeah! Buzz!


Yeah! I like Buzz Thomas. Now, there's a smart one. That's probably why he isn't running:-( Seriously, he does make an excellent write-in. Thanks for the suggestion.

Vote Democrat

I'm just going to let the crazy Republicans make their own decision about which crazy Republican to put up for state senator, and vote in the Democratic primary instead. Then I don't ever have to vote for either one of them, since I'll be voting for their independent opposition in the general (wish I could vote for a Democrat).

Since there is an actual (somewhat) competitive race for US Senator on the Democratic side, it's an excellent excuse to punt this one down the road.

Maybe Mr Finney did the

Maybe Mr Finney did the autopsy on Reagan and resurrected him so he could use his likeness.


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