Aug 6 2008

Thursday Aug. 7th is election day. Don't forget to vote.

Here are the precincts by district.

Here are the precinct locations.

Here's the Democratic Primary sample ballot.

Here's the Republican Primary sample ballot.

Here are E-slate voting machine instructions.

UPDATE: There are three elections tomorrow. A Democratic state primary, a Republican state primary, and a county general election. Regardless of which primary you choose to vote in, the county general election candidates will be on your ballot and you can vote for them.

It is easy to sit home with

It is easy to sit home with your feet up and think other people will take care of electing a government you can be proud of. But I have seen elections that were won by 4 votes and one that was literally lost by one. That's in Blount County, folks. Every vote counts. Especially every Democrat vote, since there are fewer. So if you are a Dem, you have a particular obligation to show up and take advantage of your right.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

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