Aug 7 2008
By: R. Neal  shortURL

What percentage of the electorate is this?

Is this a good chunk of the electorate? If so, it doesn't look good for Meares.

7.9% EVVery low turnout

7.9% EV

Very low turnout today, though, from my observation. 20% turnout will be good.

A sad day for Blount County.

A sad day for Blount County.


The Meares race wasn't even close. In fact, it was the same ratio as the Cunningham-Gallagher race.

The good news is that Blount County seems to be 60-40 now and not 75-25 as in the past. This is the second high-profile partisan election to come out this way.

The bad news is that it's still 60-40, many voters are still machine-driven Republicans, and it will take several more years before it gets to 50-50.

This is more than a sad day

This is more than a sad day for Blount County. It demonstrates that this county has an Electorate that may not be much better than the crooked political machine now running it. When the voters will not vote out those who are associated with the political machine then what does that say for that area? For those who seek to make a better life for all Citizens?

It is a great example of why public education needs to be ended in Blount County, Tennessee, (city or county) because if these voters were not taught any better than to keep a corrupt political machine in power, then they have not learned anything at all, in any way, form, or fashion.

A sad day indeed but there is always hope for an eventual change of such rampant and hardcore rife corruption to be ended and the American way of governing brought back to this area.

The US Constitution, read it, live it, and protect is at all costs. It is what makes us American and let's us live free.


You aren't the JosephBaileyOne from WATE Sound Off, are you?

One and the same. The US

One and the same.

The US Constitution, read it, live it, and protect is at all costs. It is what makes us American and let's us live free.

I am tired

This has been a long day. Simple to say we monkeys were unable to get our base to the polls. Tomorrow morning the headlines should read Bend Over Blount County because you deserve what you are about to get and ol' JC will be able to call us even more names.

Now we will have Samples as Chair of the County Commission and the Commission will select a new member to fill Ramsey's seat. Watch for Kirk Andrews to become the new Sessions Judge compliments of our Conceptual Commission.

Finney carried Blount County so bestiality must be a problem here, eh? Too bad Sevier County likes to remove our mountain tops since DumpTrucks for Doug seems to have worked well.

The DT once again really screwed up as the Meares HQ phone still works well and perhaps they should have actually tried the correct number when they called for comments.

All the voter complaints are true- and more strange and not nice things happened than that which was reported. Those who worked so hard covering the polling sites today will tell you that we were received with overwhelming support from those coming and going. The question now is if the 40% are really madder than the 60% who are out making land deals.


You come here, lamenting the Left's Loss, citing corruption, spouting the Constitution; yet you defend the communication of Scooter Libby's sentence, and defend Rove & Cheney's treason that any normal citizen would be executed for? Blount County's major problem has been with its hardcore fetish with Ancestrial Political leanings, and their Jim Adkisson Values, they hold above logic and compassion for their fellow man. Based on your posts there, you've come here for a fishing expedition, and I pity any fool that takes the bait.

Who is talking about Scooter

Who is talking about Scooter Libby? I thought this was about the tough loss for Meares.

Tell the truth!


Blount County, Tennessee
Beautiful community.
Relatively friendly (if you don't mind being called a monkey).
Close to mountains, rivers, lakes, parks.
Medium to low cost of living.

more Democrats in Blount County

Honestly, bizgrrl, unless you rid this County of its Jim Adkisson Values, then it's gonna be hard to achieve your goal.

Big brush

You know, there were two people that people died in that stuff you are referencing, don't you think you should leave it alone? I mean, crazy belief's are one thing but comparing everybody to a killer is another. Besides, what we ought to do is honor those who died and those who saved others from being killed instead of using that nutcase as a comparison for all of us that live here in Maryville.

Tell the truth!

the rub


How many Terrorist attacks have we had since September 9-11? I honor those that died, and I pray nightly for the victims that are still in recovery. I've yet to hear anyone on any blog refute the freakish manifesto Adkisson had in his van. His manifesto is identical, in some cases, to the hard line rhetoric one can find in almost all of the right wing conservative posts, both here and the many other blogs in east Tennessee. Osama bin Laden, Cho Seung-Hui, Timothy McVeigh, and Jim Adkisson--which one of these people is worse than the other? Tell me please, for I'd like to know if you have to be of another faith or race to be a terrorist, for this whole War on Terror is starting to stink to the core. I don't know what tapping my phone calls did to stop Cho Seung-Hui and Jim Adkisson, but I'm sure the Bush protectionists will have an answer.

None, that is how many

None, that is how many terrorist attacks since 9/11.

What do you know of that alleged manifesto save for what you have read in the media? I have not seen it, all I hear is what some reporter says the KPD says but I have not seen it myself. I do know that whatever manifesto that guy had all that matters is that two people are dead and sever other hurt from being shot at two Sunday's ago.

I would answer bin Laden, since he is responsible for 9/11, the USS Cole, the 1998 Embassy bombings, and God only knows what else. I find it a pretty hard swallow to do that you are comparing a known terrorist, who has been killing Americans since the mid-90's, to people in Blount County, Tennessee. I mean, whatever political views are here that need changing is one thing but that bin-Laden character wants all of us dead. So yeah, you do have to be a certain kind to be a terrorist. Now being a cold-blooded killer, as we have seen with the allegations against this Adkisson cat is just that, a cold-blooded killer among us.

Finally, what does Bush have to do with this killer? I don't think anybody can predict when bad things will happen at a church, of all places. Also, I think the FBI is involved in the case too since under some federal law you can harass people at their church or it is a hate crime.

Not sure what planet your from...


Modern Language Association (MLA):
"terrorist." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 10 Aug. 2008. (link...)

2. a person who terrorizes or frightens others.

If we are to be conducting a "War on Terror", it would be a complete injustice to allow exception of the event that occurred in Knoxville, school shootings including Virginia Tech, as well as the Oklahoma City attack from this so called war.

Terror is terror period.

This is way off topic of

This is way off topic of Blount County election returns. Some days I wonder why I even bother to operate a blog at all.

just another reason

Blogs are voices of those non-published. I don't know--why do you run a blog? Bizgrrl, said she wanted more Democrats here in Blount County. I agree, and would like to see more of them here as well. But, on one of the Judge candidate's web-site, it said that this candidate represents OUR Values. I'm just trying to figure out what exactly those values are, for they are apparently the Values of the majority of Voters that showed up Yesterday. Maybe knowing the exact description of those VALUES, would help the Democrats gain a foot-hold in building a larger following in the County. If those Values, on the other hand, are in exact opposition to the Democratic standards, then other tactics may be needed. For example, if those Values are: hating liberals and gays, then gaining acceptance may require focusing on other issues.

Sorry if anyone strayed at all.

Anonymous, if you are the

Anonymous, if you are the same anonymous who posted the "Jim Adkisson" remark earlier, this most recent post is a better approach.

First of all, comparing Blount County Republicans to a lone, deranged killer is not fair, and doesn't help Democrats, who Blount Republicans already think are a bunch of "loons." Second of all, we have family directly affected by the tragedy as witnesses who are dealing with the aftermath, and do not find it a joking matter, or something that should be politicized in a local election in Blount County where it has no relevance.

Yes, there are societal issues involved. And yes, there is a growing problem of tolerating open hate speech. And yes, sometimes hate speech leads to action by disturbed individuals. But that's a different issue, and is in no way comparable to the behavior of the local Republican establishment in Blount County elections, as politically thuggish as it may be at times.

The beauty of our system is, that as nasty as it gets sometimes, nobody is supposed to get killed and we have an orderly transition of power every time an elected official gets sworn it. If we have a problem that there's not much of a transition and more of a status quo, then the thing to do is work on that and not suggest that the other side are a bunch of killers.


I've never compared Adkisson to any Blount County Republican, and I have a very dear family friend who is still in the hospital who was shot there. I am not Politicizing this event, but pointing out that the inputs to this guy's thwarted nightmares are the same twisted ant-gay and anti-liberal trash one finds in lots of blogs and hate radio. I was hoping that this horrific event would stop the wild redneck paranoid hate speech I have heard here locally, but based on what I've seen, nothing has changed. If anyone was offended, then I whole-heartedly apologize, for I abhore violence of all kinds, and know that the majority of Republicans do as well.

Bottom line: What are the Values that Blount County Voters hold dear to their heart?

The values that Blount County Voters hold dear?

1. Taking pride in clicking on that feller with the "R" by his name, even if that name is Lucifer.
2. A firm dinner time and a good episode of Jeopardy?

Your link is broken

Can't get to the returns from your link now.

Found the link to individual precinct results:


"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

Glad Overbey won

Yeah, I know about Finney's environmental record, and Overbey's suckuppance to the Cunningham mafia. But Raymond Finney was a disgrace. He was a right-wing extremist and deserved to be shunted out of politics here forever. I can't believe that Sevier County came through and saved the dignity of this district.

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