Aug 13 2008

Here's some interesting insight into why so many lawyers supported Judge Duggan. It seems Judge Meares expected them to do their job, even if they didn't make as much money.


Why lawyers like James C. Wright supported David Duggan

I read Mr. Huddleston's blog and I understand Mr. Neal's point. I too handle criminal cases at times and the problem of ceaseless representation of Defendants through the appeal process is time consuming and mind boggling. I can say that Judge Meares is not alone in assigning lawyers indefinitely in criminal cases.

Be that as is may, there is another compelling argument for why certain lawyers contributed to Judge Duggan's campaign: in canvassing the lawyers that contributed to Judge Duggan's campaign, James C. Wright of Butler, Vines and Babb, a Knoxville lawyer, was one such contributor (as I understand it, he held a fundraiser for Judge Duggan). Jimbo Wright is a lawyer who handles NO appointed criminal cases. In fact, one his web page, Mr. Wright cites no criminal cases that he has ever tried.*

One might wonder why James C. Wright would contribute to the campaign of a judge who will, almost exclusively hear criminal cases. Was it Jimbo Wright's intention to curry favor with the "presiding judge" of the Blount County Circuit Court in Mr. Wright's pending divorce case?

Surprisingly, the answer to that query is probably NO. One might recall that Jimmy Wright and his firm Butler, Vines and Babb represent the City of Maryville in its pending litigation with Vulcan Materials-a huge lawsuit with significant consequences.

The important point is that the "presiding judge" had assigned this case-the City of Maryville litigation with Vulcan Materials-to Judge Meares. This is a civil case, not a criminal case. No to belabor the point, but almost every case tried by Judge Meares' court is a criminal case.

Not to disparage Judge Duggan's abilities, but now since Judge Duggan defeated Judge Meares, guess who is the judge who will hear the City of Maryville litigation with Vulcan Materials? Judge Duggan, who was supported by James C. Wright and his firm in Knoxville.


* Areas of Practice cited on website of James C. Wright:
Corporate and Banking
Environmental Law & Toxic Torts
Products Liability
Lender Liability
Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice & Medical Devices

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P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

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