Didn't we used to have a Blount County newspaper? Here are two BIG stories about Blount County ... both of them from the KNOXVILLE News Sentinel:

Maryville church youth leaders charged with sex crimes

West Knox company relocating to Rockford



the breaking news thing at the DT

We have been over this many times. Some articles that the DT calls "Breaking News" are only available as a special link and are not seen by the average person who just happens to open their homepage.

The question is did it make it to the print version?

Lead story. Tuesday, Aug.

Lead story. Tuesday, Aug. 12.

Ah.... the

The tale of the two DTs. One print. One web. Either correct?

But the DT still doesn't have the Aesseal Inc. story

In this economy, one would think a company moving INTO Blount County would warrant some level of coverage.

Link...Would have to dig to


Would have to dig to see when it made print, but ...

KNS the same

The media in Knoxville protects their turf by selective and twisted reporting. Several muggings and stolen purses have occurred at UT apartments on Sutherland but were never reported. Last week an armed robbery and car jacking occurred on Northshore at a bank ATM. There was no report in the news.

You can bet if there is moonshine or cock fight raid in Newport, KNS will have at least 15 front page stories on one raid.

"Would Have to Dig For It ..."

That story is dated Aug. 14 (see the end of the story). The Daily Times ran it the day AFTER it appeared on Blount Views and in the News Sentinel. That seems to be the way the Daily Times now operates ... watch the blogs, watch the News Sentinel, read the mayor and sheriff's press releases and make a newspaper.

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