Aug 14 2008

The Maryville Daily Times reports today that Neill-Sandler Ford as notified employees that the dealership is closing. According to the article, the service department will close in approx. one week and the sales department will close when all used vehicles are liquidated, approx. 90 days. The property will be sold.

There were rumors about this on a Knoxville chat board back in May. I though it was BS. But according to the article, ownership was notified several months ago that they were being targeted by Ford Motor Co. for closure.


I really that they are

I really that they are closing. I have been very pleased with our salesman and the service department. I don't want to go to West Knoxville to get my car serviced. Things change. Darn.

Well . . .


I usually agree with you but on this Neill Sandler closing I'm still troubled by what has been divulged about the Neill Sandler connection with the Blount Sheriff Office's vehicle fleet for which there still appears to be an insufficient accounting.

Of course, Jim Folts knows alot more about this one than do I but I can't help but wonder if N-S was closed due to the political mess in which the company and/or certain of its employees were "allegedly" involved.


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dang...I trusted them more than anyone to fix my truck when I had a problem. I didn't mind driving farther to go to them than to the dealership that shall remain nameless (L. C.). I never had "something else" mysteriously "break" after I took my truck in for servicing at N-S Ford like I have at the other dealership closer to me. Guess I'll have to drive out to West Knoxville from now on...even though I HATE driving to West Knoxville...

Or I guess I could drive to Oak's about the same distance for me.

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"The Knoxville Metro Market,

"The Knoxville Metro Market, of which we are a part, happens to be one of the markets selected by FMC for a dealership reduction/market consolidation, based on market analysis. There is not enough FLM business in this market to sustain 3 dealerships."

With other nearby delaerships, Lenoir City, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Harriman, Sevierville...Seems odd that Alcoa would be targeted because the Knoxville market was too crowded.

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