Aug 14 2008

The Nashville Post has obtained a copy of Raymond Finney's request to the TNGOP for a recount. Under "reasons," he levels some pretty serious allegations regarding voting irregularites in Sevier County.

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Did anyone notice that the letter was stamped confidential? Why would it be confidential? Who stamped it that way? How can someone get a confidential letter and publish it? Many questions, too few answers.

There's a list of

Somebody leaked it. There's a list of recipients, it was most likely one of them or Finney.


Senator Finney should be aplauded for his correct responce to the reported results. As I understand it, no recourt is possiable, the machines only have one electronic counter. The law requires that if a non standard machine is used, as are the ones in Sevier County, that such non standard machines include all measures of security that a standard machine has. This is not the case as the machines by law must be able to function manually for counting the votes, they can not do so. In fact, if one reads the opinion of Justice Susano, Justice Tennessee Court of appeals, eastern section, one can clearly see that the legislature needs to be specifice and more precise than use of the term "shall" when a function is manditory to be preformed in an election. In the case which has been filed against the Sevier County Election Commission which has been decided by the Court of Appeals, the Court ruled that security measures were "waived" by administrative officials when they choose to use machines that did not meet the securtiy requirements.

Senator Finney can do the voters of his district a huge service by pushing his issue forward. The Election Contest that is already in the courts is being ask to be heard by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. But there is a huge political block. Supreme Court Justice Gary Wade is a Good Ole Sevier County Boy. How do you folks in Blount County Like the Backward thinking Hillbillys of Sevier County cheating you out of a fine Senator and replacing him by programing him out of office? Finney may just need to consider asking for a States Attorney Generals Opinion about the legality and possiable criminal activity by election officials for refusing to follow the security measures in an election. When the Sevier County Election Commission signs the certification for the election, they certify to the Secretary of State that the Election was held "according to law". If they know it was not, and sign such a document it would certainly appear to be Election Fraud!

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