Sep 7 2008

Daily Times: Cyclist dies on Dragon; second motorcyclist taken to UT Medical Center

Saturday's accident was the 12th Blount County traffic fatality, the ninth motorcyclist killed, and the third death on the Dragon for 2008.

Is this the kind of tourism we should be promoting?



While I do not want to diminish someone's death, but Blount County needs to address the Dragon and the real impacts to our county. While I am generally opposed to toll roads, I think the Dragon needs to be one in order for the joy riders to pay for the expensives of having this be a tourist route.

Address the Dragon beware of the fire

Address the Dragon??? The governors highway safety office has approved OT pay to BCSO and THP to patrol the Dragon. At any given weekend one can find a cruiser within feet of each other (source (link...)). IMO the county can not afford spending tax payers dollars for extra patrol or overkill patrol. Has anyone not noticed that out of all the folks that has been killed on that portion on US 129 has been an out-of-towner. Give me a break it's a state route no way ever would or could that road be a toll road. You'd have a better chance of straighting out the 318 curves.

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