Sep 14 2008

On my way to the Blount County Farmers' Market, I drove by Washington and High Street to see if the previously announced "indoor Farmers' Market" was open.

Much to my delight, The Market is open. I spoke with Dan Mizell, the originator of the concept. He said the store had been open three days. There was quite a bit of activity. Patrons were plentiful.

The Market is open six days a week. The Market is closed today. Definitely give them a try. It's a great opportunity to support local businesses.

When you first walk into The Market, you will encounter the Ciao deli,

which also offers barbecue cooked on the premises.

A separate vendor occupies an area for unique candies and such.

Then there is the cut flower shop...

and a gourmet specialty food area.

Locals from Laurel Creek provide a variety of offerings at the meat counter.

Dan Mizell, co-owner (on the right), amidst the fresh produce.

Fresh seafood brought in direct from the docks on the Gulf Coast.

Oh, and let's not forget the variety of beer offered at the Ciao deli.

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