Sep 14 2008

So goes the nation, so goes Blount County. In my travels today, I recorded gas prices at a few local stations. Prices ranged from $4.49 to $4.69. The higher prices were at a Shell station, which I believe are typically higher, and a smaller store where I would guess they don't have the supply-chain the larger stores have.

Friday, before the hurricane, I purchased a full tank of gas at one of these stores for $3.59/gal. What a difference a day makes.

At the end of the day I passed by one of the stores and the price had not changed.

Alcoa, TN, Hunt Road & Louisville Road

Alcoa, TN, Food City on Hall Road

Food City doesn't necessarily say they are out of gas. They say they are "unable to supply all grades of fuel at this time".

Alcoa, TN, Kroger on Hall Road

Maryville, TN, Washington & Broadway

Maryville, TN, smaller convenience store on Washington

Maryville, TN (or is it Alcoa), Shell station and convenience store, Hwy 321 near Target.


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