Aug 9 2007

To combat the growing animal overpopulation problem, Knox County is launching a $250,000 mobile spay/neuter clinic. The mobile lab has surgical facilities and space to handle 30 animals.

The article notes that Knox County's Young-Williams Animal Center took in nearly 17,000 animals last year. That's a staggering number, and sadly you know what happens to most of them. Spay and neuter, people, and don't buy puppy mill pets from pet stores!

It's nice that Knox County has the resources not only for a new, state of the art shelter, but also a snazzy mobile spay/neuter clinic. Blount County, unfortunately, does not see the value of this and cut off funding for animal control and contracts shelter operations out to Loudon County.

There are competing private, non-profit proposals for a new shelter, one advocating a no-kill shelter and another advocating for a larger facility that could handle all of Blount County's animal control needs (where "control" would involve euthanizing).

Given the overwhelming numbers shelters have to deal with because of irresponsible pet owners, one has to wonder if a no-kill shelter is practical. Rescue organizations are an alternative and can work with shelters to help, but they are overwhelmed. It's a sad, tough situation, especially for the animals that get caught up in the system because of cruelty and neglect.

Long-term, education on responsible pet ownership is the key. And perhaps better regulation of puppy mill sources, pet stores, and backyard breeders.

Loudon County commission

Loudon County commission just voted to renew the contract. Blount County estimates it will take another 3 YEARS to have a shelter in place.

The deal between Loudon and Blount for animal control

I don't mind helping a neighbor- especially when it comes to animals. But I think the citizens of Blount and Loudon should be outraged with this agreement for animal shelter. We did the math and concluded that Blount County is paying Loudon County 80 CENTS per day per animal to feed and house them. Can you feed one animal for that? I think not. That means that more than likely they are being Euthanized fairly quickly. I spoke to Gordon Harless ( the shelter director who is never there) and asked some serious questions about the arrangement but got nothing but the run around instead of answers
Here is Loudon County we have to fight to review public records. It would be nice if someone would pull those from Blount County to see what exactly is going on. My bet there is more than is being told.


I fired off a few emails earlier tonight asking nearly the same questions and will gladly share that info when I get it.

My cat actually cost me more to feed per day than my 105 pound dog but even feeding dry Pedigree Lamb and Rice to my dog it runs about eighty cents a day. Probably twice that when she was younger and ate much more than she does now. But housing, meds and well... the last resort surely cost much more.

On the other issue- I thought you all over in Loundon County were getting some headway with your records? These folks have been of great help to me.


And folks, don't be shy. Just pick a name and log in. It is so much easier than calling you all Anonymous One and Anonymous Two. If you are not yet comfortable doing so, well keep posting anyway. The converstation and opinions can really help change things.

And if you know something... well... get to know They have been one of the greatest assets we who work wildlife and environmental issues could ever have. Really.

There's an Animal Control

There's an Animal Control Committee meeting tonight, and an update on the new shelter is on the agenda.


Lots of other folks have been involved in this and know way more about it than me, but it seems funding is the big problem, as usual, and maybe getting buy-in from other agencies.

Rockford is in, Thanks

Rockford is in, Thanks Commissioner Murrell!

I am sure the three year reference is for the entire project which will include an on-site medical facility and hopefully a dog park.

The reason the County loaned the group 350K was to get the basic shelter built sooner not later.

Look for a full progress report after tonight's meeting.

Puppy mill tax

How about taxing the puppy mills. I think breeders and pet stores should pay the cost for shelters. If breeders had to have a professional license and pay a tax on each puppy when it was born, maybe the stray population would start to drop. Any opinions?

They ought to be regulated

They ought to be regulated out of business. But taxing the crap out of them works for me, too. Not quite the same difference, but at least they'd have to pay some of the freight for the misery they cause.

That is not going to help

Unfortunately that is now going to help very much. Most of the animals in the pound are not pure breeds. They did not come from pet stores, or breeders. Most come from dogs running loose on our streets and not being neutered.

The pure bred dogs in the pounds are many time dogs with behavioral problems. And many times the behavior problems come about from owners who have no idea how to raise a dog or cat. They get them on a whim, and get rid of them because they are too much trouble. Or they don't realize Labs are Big Dogs! Of pure breds in the pound, labs are the number one pure breed dog in the pound. Educating people to be responsible owners is the answer.


Nice to see you here Terry

Nice to see you here Terry and keep us updated!

And yes... my pound puppy is a lab mixed with greyhound. 45 pounds they said. Right. 45 and 45 and 15 = 105 pounds of the sweetest dog I know. She turns 11 this week and we still have her birth and adoption certificate that we had to sign.

Should we ever not be able to keep her we must return her to that same shelter.

We don't shop at stores that sell puppies but do support those stores that provide adoptions. I think Alcoa is getting one of those stores, right?


Yes, Petsmart is opening sometimes this year. They work with rescues and do adoptions. I believe ARFNets work with the one in Knoxville already.


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