Sep 19 2008

Federal Civil Rights trial against Blount County schools will start Monday. (link...)

Update Monday morning- jury seated - (link...)


$1,000,000 because of

$1,000,000 because of "emotional herm?" Can you say "shake down?" Where is Jessie-the-action-Jackson? He could get them much more than a mere million.

In the end. They will settle and the tax payers will have to pay. That's nice. I guess that's Bush's fault also.


Specifically, the lawsuit

Specifically, the lawsuit alleged that racial jokes and epithets were common, that there were "KKK threats," and that two "hit lists" were posted in a bathroom.

I hate that the Blount County School System might have to pay out some money (taxpayer money). They should not have allowed these things to happen. This could be an expensive lesson.

Send a message.

Yes, hopefully it will be a very, very expensive lesson and it should be because of what was allowed to happen at that high school. A school setting should be a place were teens can be teens but where harm is prevented too. The shame of this story is that every last bit of the harm done there could have been prevented. Instead, the failure of leadership, from the very top of the school system on down, is so pathetic that one has to wonder how that any taxpaying citizen in Blount County could stand for how their taxpayers dollars have been spent and will have to be spent in regards to this court case.

In the age of Columbine and of a death's at schools here in East Tennessee, none of the kind of overt racist and dangerous behavior that occurred at William Blount can be tolerated in the slightest, and I mean the slightest. The only legitimate response is to come down so hard, so fast, so clear in opposition to such horrible activities that there is no room for any debate about it. It is extraordinary beyond words that The Daily Times has not mentioned this trial and I wonder if they will even mention it next week. Granted that even with their new ownership now in place one would think that doing their job would be their first priority, not being a mouthpiece for the local county Mayor. However, I believe it was back in the late spring that they did print that the Mayor's office was taking over the schools, so who knows what will be printed.

William Blount High School has such an overcrowding problem that one has to wonder how the State Fire Marshal is ever allowing them to have one class meet there much less the entire school. That kind of overcrowding is a recipe not only for disaster but several students ending up dead due to a possible stampede. The utter, and I mean utter lack of concern for school safety at that school, leaves no question as to what the school system thinks of school safety. Yet, until either the parents and the taxpayers rise up and vote out every Board member, storm the central office daily, and in general, raise as much trouble as is legally possibly, NOTHING will be done about it. The school officials laugh regularly at the citizens and parents of this county and do so because they believe that they are invincible from ever being held accountable for their actions. Hopefully, next week a federal jury in Knoxville will send a clear message about it that not even The Daily Times can drown out.

If an ignorant punk issues a

If an ignorant punk issues a “KKK threat” (whatever that means) or publishes a “hit list” on the wall of the school bathroom, how is it possible for a school to “allow” this to happen. If someone vandalizes my car and writes, “I love liberals” on the hood; have I “allowed” that to happen. The notion that the school “allowed” this behavior to exist is insane. So the school didn’t deal with the matter in a way that gave the “victims” a warm-fuzzy. Who cares? The problem was dealt with. If you don’t like the way it was dealt with then vote in new school board members who will fire the individuals you don’t like. But don’t hope that we tax payers take it in the rear. That’s just nuts.


When it happens repeatedly

When it happens repeatedly the school is allowing it to happen.

Obviously you don't care. Many of us do and we should.

If the only way to get Blount County and the school system to greet the new century is through the courts, so be it!

It didn’t happen

It didn’t happen “repeatedly.” Was there more than one hit list? Maybe the school should have hired people to sit in all of the bathrooms all day long to make sure no “hit lists” get published. Or better yet, maybe we should pass school yard graffiti reform in which the author of each bathroom wall message is required to end his message with, “I am the school-yard bully and I approve this message.”

Typical libs – cut your own nose off to spite your face. That’s just nuts.


Where you there?

Unless you were there during that time, how can you say what was "repeatedly" done or not? Also, why don't you ask the survivors of Columbine how funny the hit list is that you mock with such ease? There were 12 left dead in that attack.

I guess since neither of us

I guess since neither of us was there, neither of us can define “repeatedly.” This is typical school yard bickering between members of different races. When black and white children engage in school-yard brawls, it doesn’t take long for racial epithets to start flying. When the black children have had enough, they cry “racism.” White children can’t cry “racism” because they, by default, can’t be victims of racial intolerance.

This problem was blown way out of proportion. The parents of the black children did not get the warm fuzzie they were looking for, they were angry, and have now discovered a way to milk this thing for what it’s worth.

Like I said before, eventually, the school system will cave and settle. It is always cheaper to settle out of court. They can’t win. All a jury has to look at is the preponderance of the evidence. There will be touchy-feelies on the jury who will agree with the whole “victimization” nonsense and find the school guilty.

The point is, when the school was in a position to do so, they stopped it. Period. If you want to sue someone for “emotional harm” (give me a break), sue the parents of the kids that did you wrong. They won’t. Why? Because they don’t have deep pockets. Instead, soak the taxpayers. Why not?

This whole thing is crap.


Great example

What a great example of the raw hate that seems to be infecting a great number of citizens in Blount County. First, you comment on the case as if you actually know something and then dismiss it because blacks are involved.

Second, you assume that interactions that are by their nature designed to be a weapon of harassment, intimidation, and infliction of harm is okay because it involves teens.

Third, I do not think that there will be any "settlement," now with the trial well under way.

Fourth, what if that Jury, in a FEDERAL courtroom, made up all of ALL WHITE PEOPLE, agrees with those Plaintiffs, on the basis of the EVIDENCE, that there was neglect and indifference by the Blount County School System, are you then going to accept it?

Fifth, how do you know the problem was blown "way out of proportion?" Please illuminate it for us all to read.

Sixth, how do you anything has been stopped?

The Maryville Daily Times

The Maryville Daily Times now reporting on the William Blount High School trial.

"If you're in high school, it's all about drama and trauma," she [Defense attorney LaJuana Atkins,] said.
The Clevelands spoke with officials in the Blount County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, NAACP and Blount County Schools.

In their opinion, no one was listening. Let's hope they listen now.

It's not all drama and trauma, it's real when it is happening to you. High school can be bad enough with just the usual petty issues, cliques, poor vs rich, cool vs nerd. It would be insufferable when the attacks become racist and threatening.

So one kid was home-schooled

So one kid was home-schooled because of a nose piercing and one was expelled? These kids don’t exactly sound like pillars of the community. I’m sure they didn’t contribute to the situation at all. I’m sure it was all due to those white-trash, backwoods, redneck racists.

Oh, and they also spoke with the NAACP, a reputable, non-biased organization. What a joke!


Blame the victim

WOW! The Blount County School System has had officials testify in court today that the black students are the ones to blame for the intimidation committed against them. So, if you are a victim in their minds, it is your fault. What a message they are sending to other black students, to the Hispanics here, and to anyone who believes that racism is wrong.

They are not victims; they

They are not victims; they are “alleged victims.” Just because you cry racism doesn’t mean that there is racism. Just because you say you are the victim of racism doesn’t mean that you are the victim of racism. You seem to believe that these poor innocent little black kids simply showed up to school one day and these big bad evil white racists sprung into action, writing a KKK hit list on the wall of the bathroom. That is foolish thinking.


See breaking news at DT

The issue has been decided: (link...)

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

At least someone has sense.

At least someone has sense. Now all we have to do is wait for Jessie-the-action-Jackson and the Reverend-I’ve-never-pastored-a-church Al Sharpton to catch wind of this.


It is great to be white in

It is great to be white in Blount County, ain't it Lester? That way, there are never any racial problems.

This is at the heart of the

This is at the heart of the problem for both Blount County and East Tennessee as a whole. Rampant racism that still exists but often in covert forms. I wonder how all of you racists will act when you stand before God Almighty to explain your rank sin of being racist?

I always laugh when I hear a

I always laugh when I hear a liberal talk about standing before God.


Who is a liberal?

Who said I was a "liberal?" Have I identified myself as a "liberal?" I am an American, something that you need to learn the definition of before you continue to show your ignorance any further.

You want the taxpayers to

You want the taxpayers to pay a lot of money because you believe a few faculty members at a high school “allowed” racism to flourish. If you believe that nonsense then why don’t you campaign to get those responsible fired. However, you shouldn't favor the taxpayers taking it in the shorts because you feel that something bad happened. That is a being bad American. Your blatant disregard for taxpayers (those who actually pay taxes) is typical of liberalism.

I disagree with your assessment of racism in this case so naturally I am racist and filled with “raw hate.” That is classic liberalism. You cannot argue your point so you start screaming racism.

You don’t get to decide what is racist. Just because a few black kids yelled racism doesn’t mean that racism was in play. You believe, by default, the black kids were victims of racism. You don’t require any proof. So when school officials testified that the black kids may have contributed to the situation, you were horrified. “Wow, they’re blaming the victim.” How do you know they’re victims? You assumed that they were victims simply because they said so. This is liberalism.

You felt the need to capitalize “all white people” when you mentioned the racial makeup of the jury. Why? Do you harbor raw hate for all white people? Why is the racial composition of the jury material? Are white people incapable of deciding an allegedly racial issue? Apparently, you feel this way since you believe all of us who agree with the court’s decision exemplify “rampant racism in covert forms.” This is liberal reasoning.

Your thought process identifies you as a liberal.


School system responsibilities

Taxpayers are often the ones directly responsible for the crooks being in office, i.e., the School Board and the Central Office. Vote them out and the problem goes away. Furthermore, in the private sector as well as many school systems across America, no Director of Schools would ever be allowed to keep his job admitting that racism is NOT the school system's responsibility. Dismissal would be automatic with such horrible statements and leadership by a school director.

I believe that the news reports showed more testimony than two school officials in that case. Furthermore, the admission by the Board and the County School System that they are NOT responsible for the racism in their school is astounding. Are they not responsible for the drugs? For guns? What are they responsible for then? When there is a school shooting like happened in Knoxville, will the school director and his subordinate in the central office say that is not their concern?

It is no wonder that the people who move into this county send their children to one of the city school systems with such statements about race as the system is not responsible for it. I wonder, are they responsible for teaching them anything?

You don't even know the difference between "liberal" or "conservative" but you are quite well versed in populist racism.

Never argue with an idiot.

Your right Lester, obviously.

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