Sep 19 2008

I suppose anyone who is interested and still cares has seen the report that courts in Blount County have decided to not hear any cases represented by Mike Meares' sister.

Not only is this childish and vindictive, it is a blatant attempt to destroy a person's career and take away their ability to earn a living.

It is also a public admission that the Blount County judiciary cannot and has no intention of being fair and impartial. Let that be a lesson to anyone who opposes the Blount County establishment.

I suppose if you have business before the court and your name is on the public record as a Meares campaign donor you now have to ask for a change of venue?

At what point does a county government get so over the top out of control that it becomes a natural disaster and the governor has to declare martial law and send in the National Guard to restore order?

(It's a rhetorical question.)

At any rate, the voters of Blount County have spoken. Do you think they see now what they keep voting for? Probably not. Most of them are probably real proud of their accomplishment. Way to go.


Yes, I could not believe

Yes, I could not believe what I was reading yesterday. Front page headline above the fold.

It seems to me that nearly everyone that has to go in front of these judges has a case for change of venue. It is apparent they can not be objective.

It is also apparent these judges should be removed from the court system. They are obviously not honorable or fair.

recuse? resign would be more appropriate

This makes no sense and is very scary. The ethics and morality of this are amazing implications.

Perhaps it is another glaring sign to question the logic of electing judges?

The election of Judges is

The election of Judges is the only way to hold them accountable, not this nonsense of appointing someone. Think about it. There were three judges who had to submit their resumes to the Blount County Commission, a de facto definition of crooked, to become a judge that dispense justice. Go figure.

There is more good here than many are seeing because it will allow for a fair trial and justice. Furthermore, it seems to have put on notice that they are being watched and they should be watched. In fact, were the citizens of this jurisdiction ones with any sense, they would fill the Justice Center every single day that either Judge Duggan or Judge Young is holding court and would to watch them. The citizenry of this county do not have to apologize for expecting their elected leaders to do their job and it is about time that the citizenry took control of what they alone own.

It's beyond embarrassing

The good news is, it is too glaring for even the most casual of readers to miss the sheer meanness and pettiness of the gentlemen they have elected. The message is clear: expose our sloppy way of doing the people's business and we'll ruin you and your family financially.

On the plus side, it gives a sure-fire method of getting a judge other than these goons. Hire anyone from Meares and Associates!! Then you have a shot at justice.

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

Hire anyone from Meares and

Hire anyone from Meares and Associates!! Then you have a shot at justice.

Hah! Didn't think of that. Who would be the judge?

Who would be the judge?

Probably doesn't matter who the judge is, bizgrrl - odds are good it would be an improvement if not one who signed such an unusual/abnormal order.

But here's a question for you: what fund would the pay for a temp judge come out of?

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

Blount County Courts

I have a friend who has been waiting on the DA to get OFF her butt , an quit post poning the court date, this has draged on since August of 2008,, NO REASON for this at all, its a cut & dry case, It amazes me that 1 person can put a hold on some one's life like that because there either just lazy or just dont give a dam.Every 1 makes mistakes but to drag out something like this out is Crazyyyyyyyyy. I no what my friend did was wrong,and is ready to except what happens.Not to mention all the time off work & money lost going to court.Because of a DA that aparently cant handle the pressure of her Job!!! How any 1 be that imcompatent and keep a job like that!!!! No wonder the court system stays backed up.
I too have neverrrrr seen a court system like the 1 here, people running in & out while the judge is trying to do his thing, Attourney;s talking to each other,etc.Seems no one really no's whats going on most of the time,, Its like a 3 ring Circus, seems no 1 has any respect for the system.Again the DA (whom i might add is going to have a baby)Cant do her job , maybe she needs to be replaced.Very unprofessional,In fact the whole court system is like a Mickey MOUSE show. Lack of comunication on all parts. I think some 1 really needs to look into how things are done in this town, OR is it still a courupt system an no 1 Has the GUTS to do it. I can see now why people talk bad about Blount county & there court system & why so called HIll Billy's have a bad name and people make fun of them, If you want a good laugh just go watch how the courts are run 1 day.You will be amazed . BUt maybe you all just look the other way. OH well soon i will be gone from this miserable county & state!!!!Yee Haaaaa

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