Aug 9 2007

After some discussions and some, uh, encouragement from Mello, we have setup a new "Lost and Found" feature for BlountViews.

It is primarily intended as a place to post info on pets that are lost or found to help owners looking for their pets, but feel free to post any type of lost or found info.

On the left sidebar there you will see the "Lost and Found" section, with links to add a listing or to view the current listings. When you add a listing, you can indicate the area where the pet was lost or found, details/description, and you can include contact info and a photo. You must be a registered user to post a listing.


I can not thank you enough

I can not thank you enough for providing this service. The ability to instantly place a photo of a lost or found pet will certainly be a valuable tool to help in their recovery.

Can I um, encourage you to consider this option for your site?

Now I am off to encourage all my friends in the animal rescue world to use the new option and hopefully one of them will write up a Blount County guide to finding a lost pet.

You're welcome. Hope people

You're welcome. Hope people use it and it is helpful.

We'll do something like that at KnoxViews, but it will have to wait until I upgrade it to the latest version of the software (that we're using here at BlountViews) with all the newest widgets and gadgetry.

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