TDOT has published an October 2008 newsletter for the Pellissippi Parkway Extension Project.


Alternatives that will be carried forward and evaluated in detail in the Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS):

  • No build
  • Extend using Alternative A (formerly Corridor A)
  • Extend using Alternative C (formerly Corridor C)
  • Alternative D - Upgrade two-lane network (formerly Corridor D)

Alternatives dismissed from further consideration, failed to substantially address the transportation needs and purpose and need of the project:

  • Public transit
  • Transportation System Management
  • Extend using Corridor B

Field studies are currently being conducted, through November 2008.

Alternative D - Upgrade

Alternative D - Upgrade two-lane network (formerly Corridor D)

I'm not familiear with this alternative. Are they talking about upgrading existing roads?

Lots of activity

There is alot of activity in the extension area of Jackson Hills. It looks more like road building, rather than testing, going on there.
I felt heartsick when I saw that they were working with heavy equipment completely scraping away the grass. I saw a field of dirt.
I was not aware that this project had the go-ahead, yet. I always knew it would be built, but it is already an eyesore.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

re: Activity

I believe that is the grading for the industrial (technology) park that is going into the Jackson Farm property, not the PPE.


That explains it then. Well I am sure the folks living in Jackson Hills are thrilled.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

PPE status, Alternative D and earth moving

There is as yet no decision about whether to build the PPE. The EIS process is continuing (as outlined in the newsletter mentioned by bizgirl) and by federal regulation NO WORK related to the PPE can occur until the EIS is completed, a recommendation is made, there are public hearings, and a decision is made by the Federal Highway Department.

Alternative D is new, and we hope this is in response to the many residents who urged TDOT to 'improve existing roads first' before building a new 4-lane highway that would deliver more traffic onto dangerous two-lane shoulderless roads like Sevierville Road. TDOT is required to consider 'all reasonable alternatives' and Alternative D is one.

We still maintain TDOT has not demonstrated a need for the PPE.
CAPPE advocates for responsible transportation planning based on data.

If you go to (link...)
you can read more details about Alternative D.

CAPPE continues to be concerned about the impact of any new road or 'improvements' to existing roads on the people and location where such roads and improvements are proposed. TDOT's description of Alternative D includes using existing roadway as well as 'new location' -- which means a new road. We urge residents to contact TDOT and express your preference that existing roadways be improved and that new roads not be built.

TDOT's presentations and traffic data show that people are using Hitch, Peppermint, Helton and Sam Houston (as well as Wildwood and East Broadway) to get to SR 33 and the PP. Sam Houston is already an 'excellent' road by most standards (width, shoulders, grading, sight lines, etc.). TDOT's proposal has insufficient detail for us to know what they are thinking, but we would not expect any changes would be made to Sam Houston - except for the alignment with Peppermint (and even this is speculation). Peppermint and Hitch are dangerous due to being narrow, without shoulders and poor sight lines. Making these roads safer will probably not add traffic to Sam Houston Schoolhouse Rd. because people are already using these roads to get to SR 33 and the PP. However, the school has already added traffic to Sam Houston, and the extensive residential, retail and commercial development planned for the Pellissippi Place will also add traffic-whether secondary roads are improved or not.

The earth-moving equipment at the Jackson Farm is indeed related to beginning site preparation for Pellissippi Place. There was a long story about the groundbreaking in the Daily Times yesterday:

Also the City of Alcoa is working on a plan to realign and signalize Alcoa Trail, the entrance to Jackson Hills, the entrance to Peillissippi Place and the on and off ramps of the PP.

Thanks, Nina. Great

Thanks, Nina. Great up-to-date information.

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