Very cool. Thanks for

Very cool. Thanks for spotting that and bringing it to our attention!

Change you can believe in,

Change you can believe in, what a crock of shit. Restaffed with old Clinton appointees, appointed a tax dodger to Sec of Treasury. Clinton has all kinds of conflicts of interests. Rohm Emanuel is all mired up in Blago scandal. Closing Gitmo, with no plans for POW's or future captures? No idea about economic issues, just fishing. Due to lack of experience. Resending abortion funding overseas. Contradicting his own policy of no influence in his cabinet, with new appointees that have conflicts. Would not answer questions about Gitmo at press conference, is this transparentency he talks about.

Weak countries and weak leaders get attacked by there enemies. And the worry about what others thing of us, is a crock. Who cares what they think, or the United Nations, who is useless and we fund 1/3 of there budget. When we get attacked again, you might change your tune on the, "why can't we all get along crap"

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