Nov 7 2008

The headline article in the DT today is not available on-line.

I think getting in the

I think getting in the prison business is a great move for Blount Co. It's a booming business fed by the education system in Tennessee. Just take a look at Morgan County. We can learn a lot from them about growing the local prison economy.

Besides, with private industry shutting down and moving away and the Blount Co. government taking over their facilities and replacing unstable free market jobs with guaranteed government jobs, it's a natural progression to a socialist government run local economy and prisons fit right in. It should be right downtown, too, so local businesses who have invested down there can benefit from the increased visitors.

Did the ad hoc committee just violate the Open Meetings Act?


No notice on the Commission website. No notice in the DT's legal section. Must not have been a meeting at all...

Wow, look! A public notice for the next meeting!


County Courthouse, Court Street, Maryville, Tennessee.
The Jail Overcrowding Ad Hoc Committee will meet on Monday,
December 8, 2008, 5:30 p.m. in the Roll Call Room at the Blount County
Justice Center, Maryville, Tennessee.
Roy Crawford, Jr.
Blount County Clerk

Too bad this is at the Jail and not in the full Commission room where it could be recorded for the archives.

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