Dec 3 2008

The City of Maryville has caved in to Vulcan's demands to expand their operation onto environmentally protected land, agreeing that the land would be grandfathered in to exempt it from zoning restrictions.

In settling the lawsuit, Maryville agrees to let them expand with some restrictions on blasting and an agreement to keep water flowing in Duncan Creek unless their is a drought and they need it to continue operations.

The local paper reports some classic "up is down" government speak:

"I have never been prouder of a client that I was of the city of Maryville," he said. There were many times when the city could have capitulated to Vulcan's demands.

Instead, the city chose to do "what is in the best interest of the citizens. When you are right and you stand your ground, it is a win fore [sic] the city," Vines concluded.

Whatever. I wonder if anyone weighed the economic benefits of allowing the company to expand versus the negative impact on surrounding property values and the resulting effect on property tax revenues?

Public Notice Number:

Public Notice Number: M2008-18.
Location: Maryville Municipal Building Maryville, TN 37801
Date: November 18, 2008 Time:7 pm (EST)
Last Date to Submit Comments: November 28, 2008.
To view list of applicants:

We never did hear anything about the above hearing where Vulcan was seeking to increase their discharge area into Duncan creek.

And now the file is no longer available at the state's website which is odd since both newer and older notices are available.

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