WVLT BREAKING NEWS: ALCOA laying off 450 in Blount County by March

ALCOA Aluminum in Blount County plans to layoff 450 employees by the end of March, according to company spokesperson Christy Newman.

Newman says ALCOA will no longer produce molten aluminum at its Tennessee operations once the layoffs are complete. ALCOA plans to close two pot lines at the south plant in Alcoa


who else?

If those giant pots we see traveling down 321 towards Loundon County are molten aluminum, what other businesses will be effected?

Lots, I'm sure. Suppliers,

Lots, I'm sure. Suppliers, maintenance people, truckers, diners, etc. etc. Not to mention any place 450 families spend money.

About those giant pots...

Don't some of the industries that provide auto parts use them? Perhaps Commissioner Walker can chime in and explain what if anything this means to Denso and surrounding suppliers.

Chiming in...

My understanding about the Molten Aluminum is it is going to somewhere in Alabama. As for impact to other businesses, I am sure it will impact. One thing that will be interesting, is what impact this will have on non-attainment and other environmental issues in the area.

thanks, Mike

Maybe Aloca can rent the county empty rooms at the plant to house both inmates and school kids.

Well, speaking of non-attainment, didn't the Commission hire a lawyer back in 2004 to sue the EPA to get us out of that non-attainment status? What did happen with that?

What happened to the land

What happened to the land deal between Alcoa, Inc. and that firm from Chattanooga that was planning on acquiring some Alcoa property and developing it into a "downtown Alcoa"?

Good question. I don't know.

Good question. I don't know.

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