Jan 16 2009

The Daily Times

"I am very proud of my work with the Republican party, but I know the citizens of this county do not want partisanship to enter into the decisions at local levels," she said.

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good one!

"My guess is he held it to

"My guess is he held it to the last minute to shield Peggy from the hatred and terrible comments and cheap shots that are being taken at her from the blogs," Cunningham said.

The mayor also said that his office provides similar typing services to other commissioners.


At least Cunningham has found something his office is qualified to handle: typing services!


Yesterday was a very interesting day. One I hope that is not ever repeated.

Great photo by the way!

I saw that whiny quote from

I saw that whiny quote from Jerry Cunningham and thought, "Wow, I haven't seen much around here about Peggy Lambert." I guess since his monkey comment, he's been a little touchy.

What'll he say when over 400 of us celebrate Obama's inauguration right here at the Airport Hilton on Tuesday? I bet he'll say we're just ACORN workers. LOL.

no fools

no fools

I really do not grasp the

I really do not grasp the logic of Mayor Cunningham's thinking and his need to make such comments. They seem to go beyond the typical political snipe that all such politicians and candidates do and makes one wonder what kind of delusional or conspiracy theories he actually holds as bonafide and legitimate. Saying that a political appointee is not announced because of backlash from the exercise of free speech is what one would expect in a dictatorship but Blount County? No, maneuvering is one thing and let's face it, all politicians and political parties do it BUT what this mayor says just boggles the mind. I mean, we first hear his total race-based and race-baiting comment concerning "monkeys" and now this constant diatribe about "blogs." What is the man thinking?

I shudder to think what this man is going to do after the 20th because his comments seem to be laced with racism so much that one has to ask will it be safe for minorities in what should be a glorious moments for all of America, as it closes, at long last, a final chapter on its checkered past. Add in that unless it is a State or federal official of some kind no one seems willing to confront and take on the mayor for what appears to be malicious and strife-ridden comments.

Mayor Cunningham and Obama's Blount County Gala

As those who read blogs and the Daily Times know, Mayor Cunningham and I differ on certain significant issues that affect citizens of Blount, and in one notable case, Knox County.

I cannot see any reason why the mayor would not attend the celebration of such a historical event. Personally, I would join the Hilton well-wishers if it did not conflict with my schedule.

President-Elect Obama was not my first choice to be President, but he and his administration are entitled to our collective support. Frankly, that support includes Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, etc. And he deserves the support of the administration of Blount County.

You just never know when Blount County might need the help of the federal government even though to many BC seems to be a sovereign republic.

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

Well, I never

Rarely have I ever heard anyone publicly admit that they were making a nomination based purely on repaying a political favor. I think the term for that is "political patronage." Apparently, Commissioner French wasn't aware that this a bad thing, because he did it with such obvious sincerity. Almost like his political life depended on that speech. Particularly galling is that he was repaying a political date in ANOTHER district, when the Commissioner in the district had already made an especially fair and nomination. I mean, he chose a Republican for heaven's sake. One with a skill set the commission could have used.

And there was Bo Henry, whom a section of Hwy. 411 is named after: "She's paid her dues." What do the citizens of Blount County care about whether her political dues have been paid off?

Oh yeah

I'll choose to take the high road explanation on the Mayor's failure to attend the Inaugural Gala. Tickets sold out long before the event. He probably just couldn't get one. But boy, did he miss a good party! There were more than 400 people there, snow, frigid air, and all.

He probably did not want to

He probably did not want to waster his time

I am glad to see someone

I am glad to see someone with her experience on the County Commisson

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