Aug 13 2007

From the Foothills Parkway
(Click image for larger view)

The Good and the Bad

As an amateur astronomer I too am frustrated by the light spilling up into the sky. However I also realize that the glow of city lights is the sign of comfort unimagined by our ancestors of just three or for generations ago.

That said we will spend less money for that same comfort of light if we chose full cut off lighting fixtures when ever we install new or replace old fixtures. Full cut off light fixtures direct light down ward where it is useful. What appears to be a nice example are the parking lot lights in the new WalMart in Maryville.

More on amateur astronomy at (link...)
There are interesting programs about the night sky at the Heritage Planetarium shows. See the web site:

Forrest Erickson

Light Polution

I noticed the city lights have overpowered the stars. Visit

Beautiful! I was asleep by

Beautiful! I was asleep by the time this vista was viewed.

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