Jun 25 2009

According to reports by the Maryville Daily Times, four people were rescued the first Sunday of June, eight people rescued last weekend, and another person was rescued yesterday.

The rescues are occuring primarily at the bend behind the KOA campground.

"The problem is the hydraulics of the river," Townsend Police Chief Ronnie Suttles said Monday. "The force slams tubers into the rocks. There is nothing they can do because of the tremendous force of the river."

Be careful out there!

At the Y

I doubt emergency services needed called, although we did offer bandaids, but I've seen 2 adults in the last week or so that came down the whitewater into the calm area of the Y all banged up and bloody. I guess the high water makes it a whole different ballgame.

I guess the high water makes

I guess the high water makes it a whole different ballgame.

Yeah, I'm thinking that is the case.

Although, I do wonder if people realize this is true nature, not a ride at Dollywood.

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