Tab Burkhalter, Blount County commissioner and local attorney, and his merry band of Hope, first approached the City of Alcoa about opening a charter school. That didn't work out so well.

They then approached Blount County School Board. Denied.

They've asked for $1 million of Blount County's school budget, but have no plan. They can offer nothing more than is already offered by the Blount County school system.

Many thanks to the Blount County School Board for this wise decision.

Jul 17 2011

Just recently (June, 2011) the Alcoa post office made a change in services for holding mail. Now, if you put a hold on your mail and you want to pick up your held mail at the post office, you must go to the Maryville post office to pick it up.

You can setup an automatic deliver start up date, assuming you are confident you will be there to accept your mail. You can use the internet to schedule deliver start up again, assuming you have internet access, know how to use it, and are confident of internet security.

Seems odd. I'm sure it is a money-saving change. One less person working at the Alcoa post office? One person at the Maryville post office working harder?

Note, it's only about 3 miles from the Alcoa post office to the Maryville post office using Hall Road, Broadway, etc. Keeping in mind there are probably ten stop lights along the way. More people using more gas, instead of a local central Alcoa location to pick up mail on hold.

C'est la vie.

When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

The Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State Universtiy is looking for participants to contribute opinions on the new Double Crossover Diamond (diverging diamond) intersection at Bessemer and Middlesettments Roads.

This is the new road that goes under the US 129 bypass to/from K-Mart to Lowe's (or wherever).

The institute is trying to assess the operation and safety of the new intersection.

The meeting will be held at the City of Alcoa Service Center (not the Administration building off Hall Road). The City of Alcoa Service Center is located at:

725 Universal Street (off of Wright Road)

Take Springbrook Road, past the pool, past the duck pond, past the school. Take a left on Edison/Wright Road. The City of Alcoa Service Center will be on the right.

The institute has requested interested participants to contact Jessica Smith at or 919-515-8895. They said the deadline for participation was Thursday, June 16, but I contacted her yesterday, June 19th, and she said I was welcome to attend.

Jun 19 2011

Stephen Hargis with the Chattanooga Times Free Press has an excellent article for Alcoa High School football fans.

“I’m not stupid. To have a shot of winning a state championship we knew we had to take a different route that didn’t include playing Alcoa,” said head coach Bill Price [ Signal Mountain High School].

Jun 18 2011

The Daily Times has changed access to their on-line newspaper. For the majority of content, a subscription is now required.

Internet only access is $60/year. Print + on-line is $12/year more than print only.

The New York Times does not charge print subscribers for on-line access. I think The Daily Times should give print subscribers the same courtesy.

Jun 5 2011

Someone told me several months ago there were guineas roaming the neighborhood. We finally saw them the other day. Way cool!

May 20 2011

"I personally don’t feel a charter school is needed," said [Alcoa] board member Julie Rochelle. "Why would we need to have a charter school when we have tons of people who are on the wait list in every grade? We should focus on our own needs. I believe we need to put money into a new high school and provide the best for the Alcoa community."

Agreed. Support your local schools. Contact your local government and school board to let them know you do not want a charter school in Alcoa.

UPDATE: What problem would a charter school solve in Alcoa?

ANOTHER UPDATE: The charter school proponents have decided to not put a school in Alcoa, they have moved on to Blount County.

May 18 2011

As reported by the Alcoa Regional Planning Commission at their March meeting, there is work being done on a site plan approval for Kohl's at Hamilton Crossing.

When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Come celebrate the beauty and bounty of the season and the talents of Blount County musicians.

On Thursday, May 19, from 7-9pm, local musicians The Woodpickers and The Spurgeon Boys will perform at The Market at Washington and High Streets in Maryville. While you enjoy the music you can also savor a delicious meal prepared with regionally-sourced food: smoked chicken from Laurel Creek Farms in Sunbright, TN; corn on the cob*, beans*, greens*, cornbread*, iced tea and Fat Tire and New Belgium’s Somersault beers. (*these items are vegetarian)
This event is a benefit for CAPPE. $25/per person
Please RSVP by May 15 to
The Market will offer 10% off of dry goods purchased during the celebration.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Found: lost/loose schnauzer/poodle mix dog, male, intact, silver/gray coat, brown eyes, recently groomed, about 17 in. tall and about 30 lbs at Springbrook Park this evening around 5:30 PM.

He has a collar and an Alcoa dog tag dated 2008, tag #818 (I think). No other tags. Could be three or four years old, maybe older. Seems mature.

Right now he's at the Alcoa PD HQ on Wright Rd. (983-3620) in a K9 officer kennel. They are trying to locate an animal control officer who can access their computer to look up the tag number and/or scan him for a chip.

They promised they wouldn't send him to the pound without talking to us first. Thanks so much to Alcoa PD officer Hunter Brooks for helping out.

The dog is friendly and seems trained and he's as handsome and sweet as he can be. Please spread the word if you know someone who might know whose dog this is and is looking for it.

Email me at for more info or if you know who the dog belongs to.

UPDATE: Alcoa PD located the owner and the dog was reunited with its pack. It had dug out from under a fence and gotten away, and the owner was looking for it.

Apr 7 2011

AnimalWorks, a local leader in low cost spay / neuter services currently has an immediate and special need in their shelter services.

"All of their dogs sleep inside our facility at night, but they like to have a place to hang out in during the day, so they have big 10x10 runs for them outside. However, these outside dog runs are wearing out (they've had a lot of use for over 9 years now) and they desperately need some new ones. Lowes in Alcoa offers the Behlen Country 10x10x6 chain link kennel for $280.00 and we need approximately 10 of these kennels. PetSafe in Knoxville also offers outdoor kennels for sale.

If you would be willing to donate any kennels to our shelter, or a gift card to Lowes (in any amount), please let us know. We will arrange for pick up and even one new kennel will make a difference."

Additional easy ways you can help:


Apr 6 2011
By: bizgrrl  shortURL
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Blount County Parks and Recreation has joined in on the celebration of parks on Friday, April 8, 2011.

Friday, April 8 is declared by TRPA [and NRPA] as "Visit a Park Day". Staff will be on hand at Sandy Springs and Springbrook Parks from 3 pm to 6 pm giving away goodies (limited supply). Join us for a fun-filled day!

Apr 1 2011

As reported by the Alcoa Regional Planning Commission, immediate plans are for a U-Haul rentals site. Future plans include climate-controlled indoor storage and covered RV parking.

Facilities requirements for mini-warehouse storage include: 25 foot buffer strip along the rear and side property lines, six foot privacy fence along the interior line of the buffer strip, and security fencing in the front yard is to be screened.

They are working on making arrangements with the state for a state controlled 25 foot access easement to allow planting of low-maintenance vegetation to soften the landscape.

Mar 27 2011

The Alcoa Middle and Alcoa High School chess teams won the Region 1 chess champtionships. Both have now advanced to the State Chess Championships at Tennessee Tech this Saturday, March 26, 2011.

Alcoa High School had wins over Oak Ridge High School, Bearden High School, Webb High School and the Cedar Springs Homeschool Association to win the Region 1 tournament.

Alcoa Middle School had wins over Webb Middle School, Webb Lower School, Farragut Intermediate School and Sequoyah Elementary School to advance from the Region 1 chess finals to the State Chess Championship.

Tennessee Tech University is offering scholarships to entrants (individuals and team members) who place first ($4,000/yr, $16,000 total) and second ($2,500/yr, $10,000 total) in the high school section of the state chess championship.

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