Aug 11 2009

The City of Alcoa Board of Commissioners just voted unanimously to ban guns in city parks.




I am so happy that this passed. Now we won't have lawbiding citizens carrying guns in areas that are already crime free. All you criminals out there should obey this ban also, because ignorant happy-feel good laws apply to you as well.

gun carry on sidewalks

yeah it passed but the offense for carrying a firearm into a banned city park is $50.00. If I were to be caught with my firearm and my "permit" to carry, what's 50 bucks if I protect my family and I so what! Besides I can carry openly all day long and ride my bicycle or walk around the parks duh, there are sidewalks that go all around all of maryville and alcoa's parks. How stupid that they all are opting out. It's a shame that the majority of people wanted the cities and county to not ban guns but the council won't listen to the majority. I think it should be on the ballad bring to a vote at the polls. let the people of this county have a say. then if it's banned we'll call it fair.

A lot of Good Banning guns will do huh?


KPD investigating shooting in Lonsdale Park

...and we thought banning hcp's from carrying would be a good thing. oh yeah there's no crime in our city parks...yeah right!

What is a majority

According to a comment posted to the Daily Times web page today on this article;


If Commission Chairman Samples does not have a "feel" for public sentiment he could ask any of the approximately 3600 Blount County permit holders. He could even ask his predecessor, Dr. Bob Ramsey for I am sure that he has a "feel" for public sentiment on this matter.

-- Posted by Jimmy Johnson on Mon, Aug 17, 2009, 10:09 pm EDT

How does 3600 permit holders make up a majority?

Besides, show me an example where the ability to carry has actually stopped a crime. Considering that the state removed the HCP Database from public view, we will never have the statistics to prove anything.

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