not only no, but hell no. That is called Equal Protection which is much different than one person benefiting in a very direct manner. Now, let's say you all were voting on freezing the taxes for elected officials and for elected officials only. Then dude, you got yerself a conflict.

Question Part B.....

Is it a conflict of interest for a commissioner who would receive direct benefit from voting "yes" or "no" on this question?

just a question

Other than some of the vastly over inflated market values (aka you all can some day develop that land )given to us by the tax assessor, is there anyone who would sell their home for the value the county has placed on it? Honestly, is there anyone who would sell for the county's delared market value?


Honestly, my property has some challenges. Anyone who has visited me will know all about that. (Like where the heck is it??) Yet the county has appraised it (in 2006) for just under $30,000 MORE than I paid for it - less than 3 years before that appraisal. That's just weird.

I wouldn't part with the place because I love it, but I'm also skeptical that it would sell for what they claim it is worth.

Our reappraisal

Our reappraisal story:


(We had a favorable outcome, which is not updated in that report.)


They told the guy with the 40 acres of untarnished woodland that had been in the greenbelt that they would adjust the more than 100% increase in his property taxes, BUT NOT UNTIL NEXT YEAR. Yes, that's right. They agreed it was too high. But too dadgummed bad. Too much trouble to change it for this year.

You'd think they WANTED him to sell his property for some developer's shacks, wouldn't you??

Tax Freeze

Concerned Citizen
Regarding: "Defer until 2008 and THEN vote for it. That would have been what I picked."
In my opinion this is not a very good option for the following reasons:
1) This would not allow the current county tax rate to apply to this freeze.
2) By waiting until next year the new county tax rate on property would then apply to the senior citizens would would qualify.
3) Is this a tactic for the commissioners to utilize at re-election time, one year after passing this tax freeze?

The reason is... I understand it, if voted in this year (this month), it would apply for 2008 starting in January. But January is only half-way through the current fiscal year and won't have been calculated to include this freeze.

If I'm wrong, or if it doesn't matter, let me know and I'll change my vote. ;-) I DO want a tax freeze for seniors, I just want us to be able to PLAN for it. Like have it take place as of July 1st, 2008.

voting time frame....

According to CTAS, if it is voted this month it would freeze at the rate paid this year between Aug 07 - Feb 08. If voted in 2008 it would freeze at the rate that would be paid Aug 08 - Feb 09.

In your opinion...

Mike, Would it cause any shortfalls in this year's budget if it was enacted started 1/08?

In my opinion...

It will not affect this years budget whether it is done this month or next. The only way it would come into effect soon is if it was enacted this month and the in July a tax increase was vote in.

If it won't affect this year's budget...

Mark Local_yokel down as a "vote for it"!

I've heard some pretty scary stories since the last reappraisal. My own went WAAAAYY up. I know folks who've been holding on to woodlands and meadows for decades who had their taxes hiked way up because, they were told when they challenged it, they COULD develop it... One guy's was more than 100% increased!

Wonder if, since the real estate market has hit the skids, the next reappraisal will show our home values as "lower?"

Hope you don't own any goats...

Hope you don't own any goats, or live in Loudon County.


Somebody PUHLEASE give my neighbor some goats!!!

You needed to add another possibility

Defer until 2008 and THEN vote for it. That would have been what I picked.

Problem with Commission discussion of tax freeze

The problem with the Commission discussion of the tax freeze is that is a static analysis i.e. it assumes seniors will act the same, with or without a tax freeze. This is wrong. If a tax freeze is not enacted. some of our hard pressed seniors will move. They are then likely to be replaced with families with children. It will cost far more to provide schools for those children than the tax freeze will cost. A review of the numbers will prove that if less than 2% of our seniors move out - the rest of the taxpayers will end up worse off, without the tax freeze, than with it.

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