Jan 10 2008

This from today's Opinion in the DT:


While no breakdown is available on how many of the immigrants are illegal, it is quite obvious that many do not have a green card which would mean they are here legally and employed nor are they in the normal channel to obtain U.S. citizenship or here as a visitor on a legal visa.

It is obvious to me that there is little understanding as to why South and Central Americans come here.

Immigrants from Mexico do not come to Tennessee to live out their lives. They come to work. Their desire is to provide for something or someone at home in Mexico.

This is changing as the border tightens. Now they will pay to get their families across because it is too hard for them to cross to work for a few months or a year, return home to their families, and then return to the US to work a while more.

Most would stay in Mexico if they could make a decent living there. No one has ever told me they wanted to leave their homeland to come here where they know they will be discriminated against and unwanted. They come out of need. We don't have that extreme need so most don't understand. It is out of the realm of our reality.

Not every hispanic who comes to Tennessee will stay here. Most will work a while and then go home. If jobs aren't available they will move on.
Not all want to become US citizens. They want to WORK to make enough money to support their families.
Charge a fee for the damn classes and shut up already!

Illegal Immigrants

My ancestors got their land stolen from them by a bunch of Illegal Immigrants that came in through Jamestowne, VA; Salem, MA; Charleston, SC; and Savannah, GA; a few years back. Where's my justice?

viva Evo Morales

Exactly BL. What irks me the

Exactly BL.
What irks me the most is articles like this only increases the dislike and hatred of immigrant groups. Who is served by that?
The children are made to go to these classes. It is not an option. I have a friend whose daughter is sent to these Maryville College classes so she doesn't forget Spanish! The child was born here in the US and while Spanish is spoken in the home, she has learned English through television, her friends, ect. The mother does not want her to go to MC as her other classes suffer, but she isn't given a choice.
I dislike that this is presented as something the immigrants force on us. This is not true. Just like it is not true they take jobs from Americans. I do not believe any employer has ever been forced to hire an illegal immigrant. (Unless by Walmart economics)
It's time to quit hateing and look for a solution.
These folks are HUMAN BEINGS for God's sake that need our help.
As we did with the Indians we want these people to give up their language and their culture to become "like us".
The butt you kick today may be the butt you kiss tommorrow.
Hispanics are the largest growing ethnic group in the USA. How long until they come into political power?

Illegal Immigrants

Concerned Citizen
I am cocnerned that this whole issue has got out of hand, as far as the tax paying American citizens are concerned. These illegal immigrants have put an undue burden upon the citizens of this country for their health care,and the education of their children. This impact has already caused several Hospitals in the Southwest to close their doors, therefore effecting the healthcare of the legal citizens in that area. And the impact of teaching their children to speak English is now impacting citizens throughout the country.
I am of the opinion that unless they can show that the parents of these children are legal citizens of this country, then they should be charged the extra burden to educate their children.
After all if you will vist Wal-Mart on any given weekend you will notice the line of these illegal immigrants there sending money transfers to Mexico, or other locations where they have family.

How do you know they are illegal?

Are you going through the line checking for documentation? Or do you assume they are illegal from the color of their skin?

Hair and Eye Colour Charts

At the Holocaust Museum in DC, I saw where they had Hair and Eye Colour Charts available to test one's ancestry. Wasn't exactly 100% accurate though, but it was used in the 30's and 40's in Europe, maybe it'd work here.

The real reason these Hospitals are closing is that Busche & Co. cut out ER funding for the majority of them, in order to make some more cash for his Exxonistan Occupation. Don't be fooled by the re-newed other people paranoia and hype. It's resurgance is designed for distraction, honestly.

viva Evo Morales

Hair and Eye Colour Charts...

Is this profiling???

Hair and Eye Colour Charts

Yes, Dr Walker. I was being facetious. It is called Racial Profiling. The Us against Them fervor that spread throughout Nazi Germany, is not too far off the mark from the Neo-Con fear of the Mexicans rhetoric that is filling the Airwaves here. Manifest Destinies create multi-cultural Nations, and if folks can't accept that, then they need to move back to the Colonies on the East Coast. Loss of American Jobs is NOT the fault of Mexicans or Canadians flooding across the borders. Loss of American Jobs is due to Multi-National Corporations moving Factories to other Countries. It's always easier to blame other people for our own Nation's Corporate Capitalist travesties.

viva Evo Morales


Just stirring....

Just a question

If we had exactly the same number of Hispanic workers in the country, with exactly the same number of children in school, exactly the same amount of hospital usage, sending exactly the same amount of money back home to the family, so that it had exactly the same impact on the country's resources - but they were all here 100% legally, with current work visas - would you be OK with that?

Why print this story now?

Why print this story now? What news story is floating around on the DT's cutting room floor? What has Rick Laney unearthed this time that the editors are trying keep from public eyes?

And regarding those so called census- they are guesses at best.

"If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."
- George Orwell, 1984

"Illegal Immigration"?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Numerous pages have been written about illegal immigration and at least five United States presidents (Democrat and Republican) since 1975 have addressed the issue. Activist judges have attempted to address the immigration issue in their large and small and impotent ways.

Nevertheless, none of these writers, nor presidents, nor Congress, nor judges (nor anyone) has been able effectuate sealing the border(s). None has effectively addressed the issue of millions of illegals presently living and working in the US.

My question is: Why? I'm puzzled.

As the DT opinion today says:
"Unfortunately, many fail to understand the rule of law: violators should be punished."

Anyone have an answer other than "the rule of law"? Uh, maybe I'm a bit naive, but punishment of whom? The illegals or the employers who employ them or those of us who know what's going on and turn a blind eye to the issue?

The overused and overblown phrase "the rule of law" is merely a written "sound bite" that ignores the selective enforcement of law cloaked also in selective interpretation of law.

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Nevertheless, none of these

Nevertheless, none of these writers, nor presidents, nor Congress, nor judges (nor anyone) has been able effectuate sealing the border(s). None has effectively addressed the issue of millions of illegals presently living and working in the US.

It will be impossible to completely seal this long border. It will also be impossible to stop a desperate man. As one gentleman told me, when immigration stopped him as he tried to cross for the 6th time, the border patrol agent said to him, "You Mexicans are so stubborn why won't you go back home?" This gentleman told me he answered, "My family is dying from hunger and I am going to cross, I have no other choice."
My family or your border? What would be your answer?

Did you ever wonder....

Did you ever wonder....what would have happend if those danged Democrats who were hell bent on Manifest Desitiny back in the 1840's did not stop at the Rio Grande? Would Pamama State play in the SEC?

Query: I'm finding out why . . .


Has anyone heard of someone by the name of Robert Pastor? One might want to google this person . . .

Is it accurate what I might read about his mission? This might get you startled . . . I mean started . . . or both (link...)

BTW, AB, if I am in the situation that you pose, my family would come first; however, in the long run, we all will become family.

Follow the trail and it leads to oil? WE import most of our oil from Canada and Mexico is a very close third (to Saudi Arabia).

Did anyone know this? (link...)

Thomas F. Mabry
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Phone 1-865-271-9224

I could deal with a North

I could deal with a North American Union


As the report stated on page 3, the boundaries of the North American Union “will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe.” The “outer security perimeter” referred specifically to the border around Canada, the U.S., and Mexico

But I would not be in favor of this

such that the borders between these countries would be virtually erased.

Aha, the Earl

Aha the Öl. As with every election cycle, over the past 8 years, the non-issue of immigration becomes an issue again just in time to shroud America's real problems with fear and paranoia of the other people. Speaking as one who has worked for the dark side for over 15 years, I can say, without reservation, that the past 8 years have been a masterfully planned winfall for the Öl industry. W made deals with Vincente Fox, of Mexico, to trade immigrant amnesty for Mexico privatizing their ÖL fields. Nationalized ÖL, for those who don't keep track, means that every citizen of the country gets a share of the revenue from every drop of ÖL sold. Mexico used to have this, but it seemed better for Busche & Co. that Private Owned Multi-National Corporations should benefit from other peoples' resources. For Example: In Exxonistan (formerly Iraq), every citizen would get over $1 million for the ÖL they have under their ground--they HAD Nationalized Resources. But Busche & Company decided that Exxonis (formerly Iraqis) don't have the right to profit from their own resources. It makes more Texo-fascism sense for Exxon, Shell, Chevron, and BP to own all of their resources, and then pay the Exxoni (formerly Iraqi) people a small penny, for us to allow them to stay on their own land.

It amuses me to no end, when I hear my right-ring friends say, "But, we need their ÖL. Look at the pump prices, our economy depends on it." Do these people ever think beyond Today? Let's assume that Exxon gets to steal all of the former country of Iraq's ÖL. How will you or I benefit from that? Will Exxon lower the price at the pump, to pay you back for all of your wasted Tax Dollars and Precious lives given up for their benefit? Are folks really that gullible? Do they ever wonder who the WE is, that needs their ÖL?

Immigration, and the paranoia of other people will again become a fore-front issue as we near November, and the real problems of being dependent on other peoples' resources will fade into insignificance, as pundits scream and wave their Flags and Crosses.

viva Evo Morales


That they can come here to work and make money to send back home to mexico and do not have to pay any real estate taxes. If they are here for work then they should have to pay an income tax! But they do pay sales tax when they buy food, clothing.... But I wonder if in this article that this is also how they come here to make money (link...) ???

Taxes and drugs

Yes, every worker in the USA should pay taxes, even if they are here on visas ect. I do not agree to any tax freebies for any foreign national working in the USA. I pay my part, you pay yours.

Every one may recieve benefits (and civil rights), so every one should pay their part (taxes).

I am not a supporter of illegal immigration.
I am only trying to encourage a humane way to deal with a problem, that has been for years in the making.

If one does not own property, why should one pay taxes for it?
I am a renter, by choice.
I assume my landlord, the owner of this property, adds taxes into the amount of rent I am paying.

As for the criminal element, not only Hispanics are dealing drugs. This is another reason I believe we should have a work program or another type of agreement for immigrants and workers so we do know who's here and kick out the bad guys.

same thing different day

"not only hispanics dealing drugs" maybe rephrase that again??
stay in California where it is closer to home and work.


So you are saying that only hispanics are dealing drugs? What a joke. At least these guys aren't illegal or it would have been in the main headline.
Get real.
All races are caught up in the drug trade. Everyone knows that. If a white guy gets caught dealing drugs does that mean we all do? Or do we only make these assumptions when it is people of color?


Mexicans are coming to America in droves because NAFTA forced the Mexican government to eliminate subsidies to family farmers. No longer able to compete with ADM and Monsanto, small-scale bean and rice farmers in Mexico lost their land. Since 1993, 2 million Mexican families have lost their land. Where did they go? El Norte. We cannot discuss immigration without also discussing trade policy. With open trade comes open immigration. Movement of money almost ALWAYS comes alongside movement of people.

Commercialization of agriculture was the prime cause of immigration to the US in 19th century, especially from Germany, Italy, England, Scotland and Scandanavia. Large-scale, modern farms don't require many people to work them, so farm families move to town or to another country. NAFTA's effect on agriculture has been the same today - no more family farms and large scale migration.

There's no doubt illegal immigration brings great cost to social service agencies. If you want to get rid of illegal immigration then pay more subsidies for agriculture (and higher taxes) or higher prices for fruits and vegetables.

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