Jan 24 2008

That's what Robert Wilson suggests in this Knoxville News Sentinel article.

Actually, it sounds about right if you think about it. Ron Paul is a nut who appeals to less informed voters and is running on a platform of dismantling the federal government and all our social safety net programs, deregulation and corporations gone wild against the interests of middle-class working people, and he has the support of anti-immigration and white supremacist groups.

What's not to like? </sarcasm>

Yeah, who is putting out all

Yeah, who is putting out all of those Ron Paul signs? Do you think if I put out Clinton, Edwards, and/or Obama signs they would still be standing in Blount County?

There is a Ron Paul sign at one location where we put up signs either during the Kerry campaign or the HFJ campaign, can't remember which.The city/county/state or someone took them down. It was reported they can take them down on certain roadways/intersections. State roads, county roads maybe? Dunno.

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