Jul 30 2007

As Flower mentioned here recently, there is ongoing controversy regarding the Maryville High expansion plans. Everyone seems to agree that additional capacity is needed. Not everyone agrees on how to accomplish that.

Architects and planners hired by the City have developed five alternate proposals, at least two of which require taking of nearby property by eminent domain. The neighborhood around the existing school consists of period and craftsman style homes of historical significance to downtown Maryville and its traditions.

One of the proposals, "option E", would take out at least one city block and possibly part or all of another. This is the plan that the City's consultants seem to be pushing.

It would be a shame to further damage the character of this neighborhood. In our opinion, one of the alternatives for a new, second high school would better meet Maryville's needs going forward and preserve what's left of the neighborhoods around the existing school. What do you think?

You can read more about the evolution of the expansion plan here, including links to news articles and a presentation on the five proposals made to City Council and the School Board in June.

This issue will be decided soon, possibly in September, so the City needs citizen input to make an informed decision that protects the interests of all who will be affected. City Council contact info is here, School Board contact info is here.

To give you an idea of the existing character of the neighborhood and what is at risk, attached are photos of some of the endangered homes and others from around the affected neighborhood . Click "read more" to view them...

This house would apparently go away with one plan, along with the rest of the block between Lawrence and Mountain View...

So would this one...

And this one...

And this one...

This house could be endangered by one or more plans...

And this one...

And this one...

And this one...

And possibly this one...

These homes do not appear to be directly endangered, but could all of a sudden be next to parking lots or ball fields and have lots more traffic on their street...

I have driven by the high

I have driven by the high school many times and never realized there was such a delightful neighborhood in the surrounding area.

Vocational Education

I will continue to praise the concept of a joint city - county vocational school.

In the school's very own Growth Planning Community meeting notes I find support of VoEd.


It is all about the Sports program...

Remember the resistance you saw from county officials on building a new high school to relieve the overcrowding of William Blount? They didn't want to water-down the sports program or upset the applecart of sports status quo. So they chose a "solution" that just isn't mathematically capable of solving the actual problem instead of just building another school.

There haven't been any studies showing that larger schools produce better educated students... quite the opposite. The practical thing in the long run is to make a second city high school. No need to wreck the historic neighborhood, BUT you'd risk wrecking the long-standing tradition of state winning football teams at MHS.

So which thing is more important here? Education or sports?

Well, football, obviously.

Yes, but think of the new

Yes, but think of the new intra-city rivalry it would create. It would be bigger and better than UT and Florida.

yes R!

Very much like the Alcoa v Maryville WalMarts....

With a Vocational School concept all those students are still able to participate in the sports programs of their 'home schools' so you end up with two schools and only one football team. Pity that it even has to be a concern.

Side note R- I love this new reply to reply format!


I am a graduate of MHS, and it is time for the city to face facts. It is time to build another school in addition to MHS. When I went there, parking was atrocious, and we were already cramped. I know that the prestige factor is there, but another school will not reduce that much, and the other school will be just as accomplished.

Maryville High School

Other than football, there is no longer anything special about Maryville High School. It is overcrowded, too many teachers have been teaching way too long, and the overall quality of education has suffered. It will continue to deteriorate as the school system grows.

I am very much in favor of smaller schools, but Maryville, as a ciy, is becoming too 'uppity', and the upper class among us all want their kids to go to Maryville at any cost. We will continue to see the damage for years to come if the school is allowed to grow to over 2000 students.

By the way, Maryville elementary schools are the best anywhere (though also becoming overcrowded), the intermediate school is ok, and the middle school is the worst, in my humble opinion.

Build a new school

A new high school is needed, maybe two. The traffic will close downtown during the morning and afternoon. Which will ruin the business in the area, along with creating difficultly with using city hall or the court house. I live in Seymour and I have to plan my appointments around the school zone. Businesses in the area come to a stop during school zone times, and traffic backs up on Chapman Hwy.

Whenever I'm in Maryville late in the afternoon, I eat a late lunch or early dinner in your historic downtown to avoid the school in Seymour. I know I don't live in your town, but you need to visit Seymour when school is out and see the traffic jam on a road with about twenty percent of the traffic you have on Broadway. I just hope someone realizes the gridlock that will be created in the future with a mega schools.

School traffic

Anyone who lives out Montvale past Montvale School will know exactly what you are talking about. It is a state road that is the main road from Happy Valley, Six Mile, and one side of Blockhouse, but at school pick up and delivery times, it is stopped completely. You can take Raulston Road, but then you pretty much have to pass Foothills Elementary on Carpenter's Grade/Sandy Springs, where the same problem exists.

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