Jul 11 2008


Country music icon Willie Nelson has canceled his performance at the 2008 Foothills Fall Festival, leaving the festival at least temporarily without a closing headliner.

UPDATE: So, did they not have a signed contract when they announced? From the article, it sounds like Mike Hammond and WIVK are promoting the event. What's their experience in promoting something this big? And what's the deal with letting people vote on who they'd like to see as headliner? That seems kind of strange.

Anyway, if they're in a jam, I bet AC Entertainment could help them line up a blockbuster headline closing act. We have one of the premier concert promoters in America right next door. Might be a good idea to reach out and take advantage of the best resources available.

There went my reason to pay

There went my reason to pay the Foothills Fall Festival entry fee for the first time. Not that I don't think it is a great event, it is, and I do think it is worth the money, just not for me. I do enjoy the freebies at the festival.

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