Apr 19 2010

Recently I was driving down Hunt Road (East bound) and was closing in on the Hunt Road and Alcoa Hwy access ramps. I was definitely going the speed limit, which is 40 mph. There was a Blount County sheriff's deputy in the West bound side getting ready to turn left onto the Alcoa Hwy access ramp to go South bound. There was also a large black pickup truck that had exited Alcoa Hwy and was waiting to turn left (West bound) on Hunt Road. As I got much closer to the intersection, the black pickup decided to go ahead and pull out right in front of me, forcing me to put on my brakes. Luckily I was going the speed limit, thus no need to do any heavy duty swerving to avoid hitting the truck. I thought for sure the deputy sheriff would go after the offender for pulling out in front of me, but alas, it did not happen. Even if the driver of the large pickup truck did not deserve a ticket, the driver did deserve a lecture from authority. I was surprised and disappointed.

Message to the Sheriff's department, it would be nice if you would give at least a warning of possible dangers to bad driving habits when they occur right in front of you.

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