Aug 19 2007

As reported in the Maryville Daily Times, Maryville and Alcoa are asking that citizens voluntarily curb water usage because of the low level of Little River due to drought conditions and high temperatures.
The best way to reduce water use is to cease irrigation of plants, trees and landscaping, according to a press release from Maryville public information officer Pam Arnett.
For now, water conservation is still voluntary.

However, if there is no rainfall in the next few days, Phase II could be ordered soon, Arnett said.

Having lived in Florida for many years, we are used to having water shortage issues. I don't believe the citizens of TN are all that familiar with the concept.

There are some people who, I am not sure which, are oblivious, just don't care, or believe their lawns are more important than the community. Please don't be one of these kinds of people. Heed the warning, help out, conserve water. Don't water your lawn every day or even every other day!

I know we talked about the

I know we talked about the mast failure earlier this year. Now we are seeing some of the effects on the animals here at our house.

Recently we have been seeing a doe near the woods by our place. Some of the neighbors have been out here for 25 years and have never seen a deer come close to the area. Yesterday, that doe and her two small fawns were grazing in my lower pasture. She is welcome as long as she keeps away from my landscape plants. Those poor plants are only getting enough water to survive- forget flowering!

The drought has also brought a nice crop of raccoons to my pool since the creek is dry. One of them opens the skimmer cover and removes whatever bugs are trapped in there. The other brings his dinner to the ladder to rinse it and he leaves muddy foot prints on the steps.

We slowed down watering our

We slowed down watering our yard to once a week, several weeks a go. On once side or our lot we get quite a bit from our neighbors, not a good thing.

The MDT article says, "However, if there is no rainfall in the next few days, Phase II could be ordered soon, Arnett said."

The weather forecast for the next 4-5 days does not call for rain.

Chance of thunderstorms over

Chance of thunderstorms over the next few days. Let's hope so.

Cloudy with a Chance of

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is more likely where I live.

pounding rain...

right now in North Knoxville.

If everyone in Blount County would go outside and either wash your cars or roll their windows down we might get a bit of these showers!

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