Jul 6 2010

Every Democrat running for County Commission in the Aug 5th general election has a last name that causes them to all be listed second on the ballot after their Republican opponents.

Blount Dems: Recruit more Aarons and Abbots.

Reminder: Early voting starts Friday, July 16th.


ABC curosity

Since the Republicans are in control of the State House, the Republicans will be listed first each time any way. It doesn't matter about the ABC order. When power returns to the Democrats, the Dem. will be listed first.

Check your ballot

In the 7th District Commission Race notice that Greene is listed before Dees simply because he is a Rep.

ABC Order

If King Harold's army had held strong that fateful October morning in 1066, then the "W" that has moved so many names to the end of the line, would have been a winning letter of valor, instead of a perverted French-Norman version. IMO.

viva Evo Morales

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