Aug 5 2010
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Call to Blount Co. Election Commission re. early vote: Mitchell 4401, Kerr 1782. The good ol' boy establishment appears to have prevailed.

UPDATE: Another call to Blount Co. Election Commission, with 14 of 34 precincts reporting:

County Commission 1A: Cook 215, Burchfield 357.

CC 1B: Carter 344, Ballard 215.

CC 4C: Reeves 755, Moon 1412.

CC 7B: Dees 65, Green 325.

CC 6A: Lail 961, Wynn 250.

CC 10A: Webb 110, Kirby 386.

Not a good night for Democrats. Keep an eye on 1A in the morning, though.

Yikes! What went wrong?

Yikes! What went wrong? District 1A apparently doesn't know Brandon Cook very well. He would have been an excellent county commissioner. Wendy, David, you'll be missed.

Brandon Cook

Brandon Cook would have been an extraordinary commissioner.

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