Oct 25 2010
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

A public hearing is schedule at the Alcoa Service Center on November 9, 2010, from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Alcoa Service Center
725 Universal Street
Alcoa, TN 37701

Please come and be a part of the process. We do not need a new, 5-6 lane interstate to run through the heart of Alcoa to give commuters a 3.1 mile respite from Alcoa Hwy. It will take away a lot of green space and bring noise and air pollution closer to one of Alcoa's most historical neighborhoods. This "parkway"s is intended to allow commuters a speedy, but very short path to a sudden stop on Hall Road or the 129 by-pass where there is a stop light.

Just what the hard working, middle-class citizens of Alcoa need, more traffic noise and pollution. How about it if we encourage planned development with continued greenspace requirements and managed roads without an interstate through Alcoa.

The 2007 estimated cost for this "parkway" is over $64 million, whereas the redesign of this section of Alcoa Highway with better turn lanes and traffic signals is approximately 1/2 million dollars. What a waste of taxpayer money. A better solution would be a completion of the frontage roads, with one or more better accesses to cross the highway, e.g. Wright Road and/or Airport Road, removal of the majority of the turn lanes in the center of the highway, with a better design for traffic flow and access.

Directions: The Alcoa Service Center is fairly new and may not show up on your maps. Take Hunt Road to Springbrook Road. On Springbrook Road go past the park, past the pool and school, and past the duck pond. Just past the duck pond is a 4 way intersection. Take a left (onto Edison Street/Wright Road, it has two names) and you will see the new Alcoa Service Center on the right. Go to the main entrance, e.g. Universal Street.

CORRECTION: The "1/2 million dollars" quoted above is a typo. The correct figure is $1.2 million according Knox TPO documents.

All Eggs in one basket

The Hunt Road Bridge will be modified if this disaster ever materializes. The Hunt Road Bridge is the most precious piece of this puzzle, for a few of you here know why, and why it CANNOT be modified without placing something beneath it.

Will Gasoline ever reach $5.00 / gallon again? (y/n)

When it does reach $5.00 / gallon again, will we have any other form of alternative transportation ready? (y/n)

Will driving electric cars make the price of building asphalt roads any cheaper? (y/n)

When Gasoline sales start withering away, will the Oil companies lower the price of their bitumen for paving to further decrease their profit margins? (y/n)

If we destroy any possibilities of alternative means of transportation, will we have enough money to re-build a bridge that shouldn't have been %^$&'ed with in the first place? (y/n)

Do you think that the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority would like to have a third alternative means of transportation available on their soil? (y/n)

Do you know of any idiots alive that would ever pay for cab fare just to cross Alcoa hwy from their flight, to board a third form of transportation into Knoxville? (y/n)

Have you ever driven thru Atlanta during rush hours on any of the 3 parallel twelve lane interstates in less than 3 hours? (y/n)

Do you think a parallel Alcoa Hwy will never wind up like Atlanta's horrific merging interstates fiasco, because we're somehow better? (y/n)


viva Evo Morales

It's a little hard to

It's a little hard to compare Alcoa to Atlanta, but yes they really need to start thinking of alternative types of transportation instead of paving the planet.

Your plan will cost The

Your plan will cost The Pavers a lot of money. Fixing and upgrading existing infrastructure instead of tearing up a lot of green space is un-american, dontcha think?

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