Jul 17 2011

Just recently (June, 2011) the Alcoa post office made a change in services for holding mail. Now, if you put a hold on your mail and you want to pick up your held mail at the post office, you must go to the Maryville post office to pick it up.

You can setup an automatic deliver start up date, assuming you are confident you will be there to accept your mail. You can use the internet to schedule deliver start up again, assuming you have internet access, know how to use it, and are confident of internet security.

Seems odd. I'm sure it is a money-saving change. One less person working at the Alcoa post office? One person at the Maryville post office working harder?

Note, it's only about 3 miles from the Alcoa post office to the Maryville post office using Hall Road, Broadway, etc. Keeping in mind there are probably ten stop lights along the way. More people using more gas, instead of a local central Alcoa location to pick up mail on hold.

C'est la vie.

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